Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still searching

If you put this
And this together.

You get this. A white painted tolix stool. Gorgeous and just the thing for my kitchen. And I can get one here in Auckland from Madder and Rouge (lovely shop - a little like Ici et la if you're a Sydney sider) - although given they're ordered from France I could be waiting a while.

This is Capital Kitchen at Melbourne's Chadstone shopping centre. I found these images here - a rather nice blog to visit.

You may remember that I have been searching for stools.  I think a white tolix stool could be the answer and maybe, just maybe, a bit of inspiration from my other half's favourite city might swing it for him too.

Okay, he loves Melbourne for the sport, his mates and the Collingwood Football Club and definitely not a shopping centre but he should be swayed by this... surely?


  1. hi Ann :) first dunk into your blog, i like i like! I tousled with the Tolix question a few years ago and arrived at the conclusion that they would be too cold in winter. Because we live in Welly. So I went for the see-through Stark numbers from Kartell. Not quite as see-through as they should be right now though, covered in fingerprints. The eventual conclusion is I *should have* bought the Artek timber stools, the ones with 4 bent wood legs (you can get them in a less stable 3 legged model too)... Anyway, stools rule (my thoughts). Come over and visit our domesticscene. X Lou

  2. Love the tolix stool! If it did get cold in winter you could always get carried away with small cushion pads!

  3. Very nice, stylish and wipeable! A winner in my opinion.

  4. I know the knock-offs (ie: matt blatt in australia) aren't that cold. i thought they would be too. mind you, i didn't get them in the end. went with a wood type one (you can see some piccies I posted a few weeks ago of my kitchen). love the top pic btw - the yellow, the chairs, the lightshades, the wood veneer wall .. have to get up there one day (-:

  5. Hi Ann, I live approx. 10 minutes from Chadstone & have been to Capital Kitchen for lunch/coffee - it's fabulous food, decor and even has a few select homewares goodies & flowers for sale. You'd love it. You'll have to try & talk your other half into a visit. Meanwhile, I love Auckland & would love to visit again - a truly beautiful part of the world. Lee :)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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