A Little About the Blog

Why My Villa Life? It sounds a little Spanish or Italian but actually it's just because when I started this blog I lived in a villa which is the name given to the wooden weatherboard house built around the turn of the last century in New Zealand. I fell instantly in like with Auckland's beautiful villa lined streets when we moved there.

I know have a life in Melbourne and have been a very bad blogger in the last five years - I returned to work and my creative mind was focused on that leaving little time for me or a blog. Oh and there are those two kids to feed.

Now I dabble.  I write about the things I like and the things I do. My life is also a study in self-improvement. I may shamelessly use the blog to better myself and work on those things I have ignored or am simply rubbish at.

Sometimes I just sit down and write and sometimes it's all about the photographs.

Advertising? Well, in a word, no. It's not for me, not that I mind when others do it.
I do not aim to make money from this. I don't really aim to make money much at all in life which I will one day sincerely regret. 

I love hearing from you and I always try to reply and pay a visit in return. Sometimes unfortunately my real villa life gets in the way...


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