Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My littlest is nearly two. I love the new person that's emerging (exhausting as he is sometimes) but I am also a little sad he's growing up. Hormones I imagine... there can be no rational reason for wanting a newborn again!

So it's a big birthday for both of us and there are a few new things in his life to mark the occasion.

He has spent two nights in his brand new big boy bed. Most of the night anyway... he refuses to lie down at bedtime and sits very quietly in it for ages before giving in to sleep.

He fell out at two am on the first night and then after a long cuddle sat like a little monkey in the dark perched on the pillow refusing to either lie down or be put into his cot. I left him sitting there in silence and he eventually keeled over. Funny kid.

The bed linen like most things in his life is a hand me down from his big brother, the walls need some love and so does the storage. Time too for a toy cull ahead of the birthday party next week. I love a good clear out (it's all the moving we've done) but giving away the baby toys might be a little harder...


  1. Moving into a big boy bed is such a big thing. Sounds like your little man is doing well!

  2. How gorgeous..it is very bittersweet watching them grow up. I had a moment not so long ago realising that my youngest is never going to be a baby again! If you're worried about him falling out, I use a Grobag invention - it is a sheet set that zips them in like a sleeping bag. They are wonderful and they also stop them from kicking off the blankets and becoming cold in the cooler weather. Rxx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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