Friday, May 28, 2010

Clowning around...

Whacky Hair Day at school. That's a lot of hair and even more hair wax. I've warned him not to go near a naked flame. Unlikely at five I know.

And how cool is this? It's a room designed by Kate Dixon in Kansas City, Missouri with whacky kids in mind. Lots of ideas to steal. I have seen it half a dozen times already and keep forgetting where. This came from here and now it's here so I can keep it.

I am certainly not into the modern travelling circus idea but Enid Blyton's version was pretty fabulous. Remember Mr Galliano's Circus?


  1. Oh, I remember Mr Galliano very well! What kid wouldn't love a room like this - fantastic. K xx

  2. That really is most Excellent Hair!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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