Friday, May 21, 2010

iPhone, iShould?

I have spoken to three friends this week who have each just bought an iPhone.  I had coffee yesterday at the gym with three women who each pulled out their iPhone. Even my in-laws are thinking of getting one. Like the 14 year old girl desperate for a Canterbury rugby top or two (they were THE thing to wear as a teen in Tasmania) I'm starting to feel the pressure.

How things have changed  - and yes I am wondering if I'm I old enough to be talking like this...

When I went to live in London 12 years ago I'd never had a mobile phone. I got one of course and so did everyone else. From then on we never ever made a firm plan to meet. Just, "I'll call you when I get there".

I remember getting my first text and not knowing what it was. A few years later and still in London we went into one of the many high street mobile phone shops - all looked the same with a crowd of young guys in cheap shiny suits who circled the customers like sharks.

"This new model is what you want," one said to us with glee. "If you and your boyfriend buy one each you can take a photo with the phone and send it... if you're in the same room." Oh, handy. I'll just get the one that makes phone calls, thanks.

The technology's moved on from then but my policy hasn't changed. I very deliberately buy the simplest one - Nokia though because I know how they work.

I am not worthy of a fancy phone. I lose them, drop them and drown them.  (I've learnt that a bucket of rice can dry a phone better than a hairdryer)

Maybe the new Cath Kidston iPhone cover I found here will swing it for me. Love it.
I can't have her in my home (too country and too frou frou) but in my handbag she'd be ok.

I have a sneaking suspicion I'll end up with a fancy phone but only when everyone else has moved on to something better. Mind you if it tidies up and does the dishes, I'll sleep overnight at the Apple store.


  1. Hi Ann, loved reading this post, so funny.
    GET ONE!!! Seriously my husband (a PC lover who used to turn up his nose at my Mac) has one and loves it. I'm getting one as soon as my current plan finishes. They are the best, you will wonder what you did without one. When hubby gets home I give him a grunt hello and reach into his pocket for his iphone (just joking - most of the time).

    As soon as I saw the pic on your blog I thought it looked like Cath Kidson - very cool!

    Thanks for stopping by today and yes I saw Belinda's post this morning, how good does that wall look!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. As soon as I read this post I went to the Cath Kidston site and I am DEFINITELY BUYING one of these I have been looking for decent covers for months. But some of them are sold out.

    I love my Iphone because of the email function as I use it for work. Apart from that I can take it or leave it and people swear by their blackberries. But it is user friendly and we are Mac people at home so it works well.

    They are relatively cheap and you can get good distracting apps for the children (great for restaurants).

  3. Lovely blog! My sister just passed me the link, I'll be back!


  4. I would love love one of these! but i can't justify the expensive data plan that comes with it, as a stay at home mom!! i love your blog and seeing the photos, it makes this kiwi mom in canada happy!!

  5. Oh they are great. I would definitely go for one. Must check them out.

  6. Go Cath Kidson! I have just stumbled upon your blog - am a Kiwi from Auckland living in Sydney - so I look forward to reading about your slice of Auckland life!

  7. They look gorgeous! I've heard the iPhones are good..I'm trying to decide whether the new iPads are worthwhile..too much technology, too little time! Rachaelxx

  8. Ann, you make me laugh. We must have been twins separated at birth! J x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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