Friday, May 14, 2010

My useful box

The useful box is a very very useful idea. I have had one for a long time in various spots around the house. I bought this battered but much loved builder's chest at a London antique market.

I keep all sorts of things in it, useful things. It has a sliding drawer on the top and the bottom is divided into two halves - perfect for stashing stuff.  Like that drawer in your kitchen but bigger and easier to access.

It holds rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, scissor, sticky tape, stickers, rubber bands, envelopes and thank you cards.

My sewing kit, which is not terribly big, lives in it - a packet of needles, hemming tape (marvellous stuff for the non-sewer) and cotton. Plus a jar of buttons.

There are also hose attachments, puncture kits, phone chargers, blue tack and a host of stuff which was useful and now isn't - why does Nokia make phones that no longer fit the charger on last year's model?

So as part of the spring clean I sorted it out. Interesting. I discovered that just like my habit of buying cans of tomatoes eight at a time I seem to have over invested in Ikea wrapping ribbon.

I found nine boxes. That's 180 metres of ribbon. 

See? Useful.


  1. All the "useful" things you mentioned are usually scattered over my benchtop or piled in a not-so-neat stack at the end of the bench. I need a "useful box".
    Loving that ribbon collection.

  2. My last post featured a box full of useful things! It only has one drawer at the top so diving into it can be a bit of an adventure. I do this about once a year and generally find all the things I have spent the last year looking for!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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