Thursday, May 20, 2010

Navel gazing...

I have been outing myself... admitting to close friends and even people I don't know at all well that I blog.  When I tell someone I slip it into the conversation and then immediately play it down. "I don't know why I'm doing it really," I'll say. "It's not that great and no one follows me."

Well actually it's not that bad - on some days it's quite good. And I didn't do it for followers although I do get great pleasure from any interest people take - I'm only human!

It certainly makes me question why I blog as if I need to justify it... mostly to myself I think.

The official reason was to get writing and see how it all works on the worldwide web. After years in broadcast media and then a couple more at home while the career died a slow death and my family flourished, I was losing myself. In a new city with no one much to talk to in those first few months I started to explore the net going from blog to blog finding amazing talent. Designers, writers, photographers, artists and a lot of ordinary people with their own little window on the world.  I wanted to have a go.

I've never been really into hobbies.  My hobby was my work which sounds absolutely tragic but I imagine a lot of people spend their twenties and early thirties like that. And in my defence I had an interesting job - different every day and terribly exciting on some. So now no job, no hobby.

I think that's why I am enjoying the blog. It's my hobby. And one that's helped me to feel like the writer I wanted to be before I left law school and fell into a TV career. I've written four magazine articles in the time since I started My Villa Life and should be writing another right now!  That surely makes me a writer... blogging to avoid a deadline. How very 2010.

By the way, the photograph was taken in London's Kew Gardens - my local park when I first swapped the job for motherhood. I seem to have a thing for all things spring this month... must be in denial about the cold weather which seems to have arrived for good.


  1. Don't sell yourself short Ann, you know there are many of us who thoroughly enjoy your writing! It's funny you mention playing down your blog. I've really told no-one other than a few close friends, and my immediate family about my blog. I don't know why, but I find it really confronting telling people about it. For me, it's much easier to write for people you don't know. I do think it's really funny though, one of my 18 year old daughter's friends reads my blog religiously, which I find quite unbelievable! How she found it I don't know, but she even has my posts update to her phone. It just goes to show that for every follower, there are probably many more lurkers out there that you aren't even aware of. Keep it coming, we all love it! K xx

  2. Ann I think we all just blog for ourselves and only other bloggers can possibly understand. Some of us blog because we like to write, some because they like to share beautiful things, some to air their views and some to share their interests plus many more reasons that I haven't yet found out there. We love to participate in others lives
    and the amazing talent our there keeps me looking and sighing and laughing and crying!
    Keep it up enjoy it and you are definitely a writer.

  3. Hi Ann! Thanks for sharing your thoughts re blogging. It was a refreshing read, but then anything that honest would be.
    When I do happen to mention to people that I blog I have to follow up with an explanation as to what a blog even is. It gets a little tiresome so unless I feel that someone is really interested, I keep it to myself.
    So are you an Aussie living in NZ? The AFL reference got me wondering.
    Let me know if it would be okay to give your blog a mention sometime on a future post.
    PS My word verification is "flock" and I guess that's the thing with blogging..."birds of a feather..."

  4. Hi Ann, Your blog is a great read! I've just spent 20 minutes surfing through it, whilst my 4 year old says, 'Muuuuuummmmmm, can we play a board game?! Get off the computer!'. So I better hurry away, but just wanted to say, 'Hi'. I came across your blog via Kiwi Mummy Bloggers.

    Have a great day, Sarah

  5. hi Ann,
    Well, you're communicating with a follower! I really enjoy your journey so keep it going please. I thoroughly enjoy your variety.
    I had a holiday in NZ in the mid 70's ( yes!0 when I finished uni. I'm interested in old houses and delight in what you describe and its match to my memories.
    keep on keeping on....please!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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