Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farewell to summer...

Summer is well and truly done. Melbourne has been blessed by a lingering Indian summer which left us this week. The boys were swimming last weekend, now we're in winter mode.

Funny how weather dominates our conversations in all corners of the world.  I find the obsession a little tiring sometimes particularly the competitive conversations - 'hot, you don't know hot' or 'freezing? I used to walk five miles to school in the snow.' Yet here I am talking about it too.

I'm always surprised by people who don't love summer. How can you not? I want to shake them and shout a little but I know that's frowned upon in modern times. Particularly when the summer-hater is the check out chick at K-Mart. I think they'd probably call security.

I can't revel in Autumn. All that orange and brown... not my best colours.

I like Autumn when the weather's still warm. Crisp mornings and 27 degree days. And when I say crisp I mean T-shirts for school drop off at a quarter to nine.

I like Autumn when I see it in pictures on blogs from the northern hemisphere - far far from me.

Melbourne may well be the wrong place for me. But hell, I'm not moving again.

I think I might just have to stock up on the funereal Melbourne uniform of black and more black, don myself head to toe in mourning gear,  keep my head down and the heater on until the worst of it has passed.

Bring on Spring.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late summer blast... of colour.

Colour that's courageous. Loud, clashing primary shades, neon green, orange, classic blue and yellow beachey stripes. 

It's loud, it shouts and it's happy. So happy.

Many of Melbourne's bayside beaches are lined with beach boxes. They're sought after and expensive.

I think they're fabulous.  Just like summer.  


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