Monday, May 31, 2010

Day tripping...

Sometimes New Zealand feels a little old fashioned in a really delightful way. I've told you about Devonport before.  It's one of the loveliest places to spend a sunny morning and even though it's just across the harbour from the city it feels like a proper day trip. The lazy man's day trip.
Our two year old loves boats and shouts with excitement when we drive past the city ferry terminal. So yesterday we took the boys on a ferry adventure and ended up soaking up the autumn sun on the top of Devonport's little volcano Mt Victoria.
It's a bit of a walk for little legs but even the youngest breezed to the top this time and still had the energy to jump, run and roly poly.
Next time we'll head across to the smaller of Devonport's two volcanoes for a play in the old tunnels that cut through the hill.

What a lovely way to while away a sunny Sunday. 


  1. Oh it's breathtakingly beautiful. Even the air looks 'clean'! Thank you for your kind words over my way. Your support has helped me get through the day. A-M xx

  2. The kids look so cute rolling down the hill. What a gorgeous spot! Have a great Tuesday Ann!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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