Saturday, April 17, 2010

Searching, searching

Now this is not about the maps... it's about the stools.

Here's a better view... ignore the pink cushions - I'd never get away with those. We are a pink free zone. The rest I like - you absolutely can't go wrong with white, white, white.  

Have I told you there is no Ikea in New Zealand?  That makes life a little harder...

Here we turn to Trade Me - the NZ answer to Ebay or Craigs List but arguably even better because absolutely everyone uses it to buy, sell and advertise almost everything.  Houses, cars, boats, books, bric a brac, new furniture, old furniture - you name it.

I want three white painted wooden stools just like those ones you see above to tuck under my kitchen counter so people don't have to lean on their elbows watching me make tea.

I'm more than happy to paint them myself but Trade Me is not helping... I have been searching for stools -  but people seem to only be selling ONE. Why? Are they keeping the others? Was there never another one? Have they lost the rest?

Are stools the odd sock of the furniture world? Are there squillions of lonely stools and socks spinning in slow circles in another dimension?

(Images from NZ House & Garden as it says on pic)

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  1. Ann it is up to you to put them back together by one. Then when you have four you will have one over to sell on Trade Me so that someone else can start putting them back together!!!!!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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