Monday, May 24, 2010

Rain games

It was a wet and drizzly Sunday after the "drought" Auckland's been having. I am sorry but I have to say "drought" - three months of sunshine is surely just called summer? 

I think we're in for more wet weekends so it's lucky our school boy is more than happy to play games these days. His little brother  is getting the hang of it too and loves snap although hasn't a clue of course. He demands his own cards, then just yells "Nap, nap" a lot and randomly slaps his hand down.

Of course Uno is a lot more fun when you win and when you rather like winning (and cry when you lose) it's great having a Dad who doesn't mind throwing the game once in a while - even with a dream hand like this...


  1. I love games on rainy days and Uno is sooo much fun! We played Boggle yesterday with Mum, dad my sister and hubby. It was so much fun except my dad is waaaaay too clever and wins every round :(
    Have a great Monday Ann!

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely comment about my new blog header...Ben is mightily chuffed...he's studying graphic design so I might as well get something out of my investment! I see you're about to read On Chesil Beach...I really liked that one. Enjoy your day and the new week.

  3. I remember brother and I had a well worn set! Rxx

  4. I must dust off the uno cards for our trip. Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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