Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Giving in to grey...

I've been shopping  - a rare event these days. Each trip can only last as long as it takes a two year old to eat a handful of tiny teddy biscuits.

I bought the scarf at Country Road and could not go past the grey, despite the grey skies and a cupboard full of grey and black. It's a beautiful soft, bamboo weave - perfect for throwing on with the uniform of converse, jeans and long sleeve T.  

The silver bracelet was my grandmother's, a gift when she was a bridesmaid at her sister's wedding. I didn't really know my grandmother or her sisters  - my parents emigrated to Australia when I was very young.

For years my parents sat down each week to write an aerogramme with our family news.  Phone calls were rare and quite special events with a lot of pressure to say what you had to say. Mum would whisper loudly in the background, "Thank Granny for the present," while Granny talked non-stop eager to make the most of the short time we had. 

Luckily it's a little different for my kids. Our family is not terribly good at staying in the same city or even the same country but we keep in great contact. When the phone rings my little one says "DiDi?" Maybe my mother and I talk a little too much!

Our skype sessions see both boys leaping around on the bed in view of the computer showing off to the grandparents or  if we can make them stand still, holding out their cars or reading aloud from the latest school book.

Anyway, back to shopping. You can see I am totally out of the habit - I can't even talk about it for long.

If I did shop I would have to buy these beauties from Boden. Nothing wrong really with a little more grey in your world and doesn't navy look lovely with it?

That's winter sorted. In my head anyway.


  1. Hi Ann, great post! The weave of the scarf is lovely and the bracelet must be very precious to you. I am only now beginning to appreciate grey with a bit of navy and I'm loving it.
    When my son was a toddler I'd set him up in his pushchair with the most enormous apple (trust me, it wasn't because I was a health conscious mum) and ít would take his little baby teeth hours to munch through it. Usually it had turned a bit brown by the time we headed back to the car but he was still munching, and I always got very approving looks from passers-by due to the health factor (little did they know).
    I hope Auckland turns on some sun for you soon.
    My brother (and his family) live in Glendowie.

  2. Love your grey finds! I'd love all of them myself. Yes, we're very lucky that we live in this day and age. My hubby is Sth African and so we only 'see' his relatives about every 2yrs. Skype and phone cards are great!

  3. Lovely precious bracelet. I also like the scarf. I am lucky my kids are a little older and I can usually bribe them with a little bit of shopping for them.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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