Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring cleaning - lessons learned

I think there are two types of people in the world, NEAT and NOT. I am not.

Much as I love an uncluttered home and clear bench tops what I actually have is a daily battle against myself. I wonder if the homeowner in this kitchen had my sort of frantic clean-up before the stylist arrived? I'd like to think so...

I've been spring cleaning in autumn and I did promise a progress report.

First stop Flylady.

This is a self-help plan you don't hear about until you blog. Ironically it's quite the most cluttered website you can imagine, not well explained and a little too much sweet stuff for me.

But there is a very good method in the madness.

It all starts with a clean sink and getting dressed early in the morning. I get dressed every day so I'm halfway there. The emails from other subscribers make you realise there are a lot of people who have BIG problems with their NOT neat lives. A little depressing actually.

Anyway here it is... my Flylady experience.

1. Clean sink, clean mind.
I have been working on this,  in other words, washing up a lot.   Just got to get the husband on board. He went away for three days and came back a little shocked to find his "don't worry, I'll do it in the morning" wife had left him.

2. Flylady loves a timer.
Frenzies are big in our house already but if you have a highly competitive five year old, a timer just annoys him.  We have 'putting away all the toys' and 'cleaning my room' frenzies every night and he is so caught up in winning he's quite forgotten I once mentioned a prize. 

3. Flylady recommends a Control Journal.
If I had one I'd lose it.  Lists work for me and  I love moleskin notebooks and very nice stationery from Kikki.K - the family calendar, weekly planner and shopping list. Guess I'm a sucker for an overpriced notebook and a magnet.

4. The fifteen minute rule.
Basically tackle a little not a lot. Suits me and she's right - you've always got fifteen minutes to spare and even I can face fifteen minutes of housework.

5. Declutter.
No problem at all with this.  I love a clear out and don't have attachment issues. I've been working my way through the house and clearing drawers, kids' clothes, my useful box and the dreaded spare room which doubles as a shed (not a good combination).

So what have I learnt this month from Flylady? Lots actually.
Has my life miraculously changed? I wish - like most other things it's a work in progress.

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  1. I agree with you about the Flylady site, it is very cluttered!! Very ironic. But the tips are good especially the sink one. There is no doubt that getting dressed first thing before the children are up is a Very Good Idea. And does get the day off to a better start..

  2. I hear you sista - you've just described me to a 't'! And same for the flylady site - really cumbersome. But the whole 'a little at a time' rule does work, and I'm sticking to that plan (sometimes!). K xx

  3. Yes, you are not alone. I blame genetics - I come from a family of hoarders. I do think the getting dressed early does make a big impact on the day. Doing housework in pyjamas isn't terribly motivating.

  4. From one "NOT" to another...I've been trying that clean sink thing and it's working okay.
    My husband often threatens to take a picture of my house in it's normal, chaotic state and post it on my blog, yikes!
    Hope that Auckland weather is being kind to you.

  5. Love that kitchen and very good tips. A slightly more dramatic way of weeding out clutter is moving house as I've recently discovered!!

  6. I am also a NOT, have cleaning to tackle today - blah!

    I've left you a blog award today over at my blog (only if you want to take part, no worries if you don't).
    Have a great day!

  7. For me, sitting at my desk blogging with my back to the huge pile of ironing in the basket works well...as long as I don't turn around! And when I work from home I often stay in my pj's. Best I pay a visit to Flylady!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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