Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A taste of Melbourne...

Ah Melbourne, how I do love catching up with you.
We've just had a short holiday staying with family and seeing old friends. My brother lives in North Fitzroy so my parents flew in too and we all stayed together for the weekend. Just lovely.

The boys love their Very Cool Uncle. Highlight for my five year old was the sleep-over at his place or perhaps more accurately the computer games on his TV.
The boys played soccer in the hallway and soccer in the park, kicked up the leaves in the street and entertained their grandparents.  The cat flap was an unexpected bonus.
Making the most of the babysitters we shopped a little, walked a lot and ate out.
We wandered down Brunswick Street, had brunch on a much-changed Gertrude Street, bought  indigenous art at the Australian Print Workshop and checked out my brother's new studio in an old Carlton mechanics' workshop.  He's still cleaning off decades of grease and painting it out but it's already  home to the sort of stuff little boys (and even their non-sewing mums) would love to have at home.
This was endlessly fascinating, almost as good as a cat flap.

As we spent Sunday morning with my cousins, my husband told me it was his turn to catch up with his family  - turns out he meant the Collingwood Football club. I think he's actually serious. Football is no laughing matter.
It was the first father/son football match for them and yes I checked, it is okay to dress like that in public in Melbourne. In fact, expected.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time, and how nice for you and your boys to catch up with family. As for the Melbourne fashion scene, I'm told footy gear is de rigeur! K xx

  2. What a lovely time you had. It's so nice to catch up with family and especially in a familiar setting.
    I hope the wet weather in Auckland isn't getting you down too much.

  3. Being a Melburnian and having a husband who is a Collingwood supporter, I know exactly what you mean by 'suitable attire'. It's definitely not unusual to see people in very 'loud' football jumpers roaming the streets on the weekend. Your boys certainly look the part!

  4. Even though I've only recently been, you've made me want to go again! Love the cat flap photo - hilarious!

  5. Melburnians take their footy very seriously. Good to see you got into the spirit. I sounds like a great weekend.

  6. No,no, no! Any team but Collingwood! Ha ha! Did you have the famous Fitz Brekkie? Glad you had a lovely time in our grand city..Rachaelxx

  7. Ha! We were up and down Brunswick today...was fantastic esp the markets!


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