Friday, June 25, 2010

Awfully orange....

At some point this weekend I am going to sit down and flick through a couple of Australian mags kindly delivered across the ditch by my other half who flew to Melbourne for the day this week. You can get them here but not until weeks after they're published - and a magazine a month late is just not the same. 
When I put the these two together I was a little horrified. Are Australia's style makers trying to tell us something? All that orange and brown and black? Doesn't it take you back to this...
See what I mean? More than a little horrifying. You can groove it up, add some black and give it some hot new label but it still takes me right back to the seventies.

Ah now that's better... I will take a breath,  open the mags and hope the orange thing GOES AWAY.

First image from here and the second from Canadian House and Home, and yes, go on, tell me how much you LOVE orange!


  1. This totally cracks me up! I grew up with floors in that exact same pattern...oh it was so horrible, and so 70's! My parents replaced it as soon as they could! : ) I LOVE the second photo! I love that island table!

  2. Please tell me - where can you get Real Living over here? I tried a few years back to get it in at my local bookshop only to be told it's not sold in NZ. So I've ended up subscribing. Such a good mag. Would be great if it was sold in store!

  3. Oh that orange and worse, there was emerald green! It was a terrible look even in the seventies!

  4. Yep, I am with you! Out with the orange! We are slowly getting rid of the green in our house too!

  5. i painted a wall in my nursery orange, the paint looked alright in the pot but when it was up on the walls the whole "70s" thing got to me so i had to paint over i can sleep at night!

  6. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in the orange thing... I am glad to say the inside of both mags is fabulous and more dove grey than orange!

    Anthea, I am sorry to have raised your hopes about Real Living. I had a brain snap when I wrote that - think I was thinking of Aus House and Garden which I do buy here but weeks late. Luckily me husband goes back a lot so I am always nagging him to grab the mags for me... I have started buying the Kiwi Your Home and Garden as it is similar - they seem to share articles with Real Living sometimes... I find NZ House and Garden is aimed at a more conservative market (I'd say older but I'm no spring chicken!) and I never buy it. A x

  7. Orange is not my thing, nor is brown at the moment. Nothing 70's for me! Rachaelxx

  8. Agree with your comments about NZ House and Garden - tends to be quite "grand". My 57 year old mother loves it which is probably the demographic you are alluding to!

  9. The bottom pic is one of my all time favorite kitchen images. I too have a thing about burnt orange that is the least bit positive. Love your blog. Heidi@ HeidiClaire.blogspot


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