Monday, March 14, 2011


This is just about a toaster. 
I hate burnt toast almost as much as I hate buttering cold toast so that window is not just cool, it's useful. Although I suppose I'd have to watch the toaster and is that a good use of my time? Does a watched toaster never toast like that whole kettle/boiling thing?

Whatever. It is so much cooler than the crumb carrier we have on our bench. Actually ours doesn't hold the crumbs, it scatters them. I want someone to make me a toaster with the cool window bit and a way of incinerating the crumbs to nothing so I never, ever have to clean them off the bench again.

Can you tell when I'm avoiding housework?

Image from here.


  1. Oooh that is kewl.... I would just like a person to clean up the crumbs from my poxy old cheap toaster!!

  2. Whoa. I want that toaster. Ours is possessed & burns the right hand edge of every piece of toast - what on earth's with that?

  3. Oh I can see myself, elbows on the bench, chin in hands, just watching the toast brown before my very eyes. Absolutely not a good way to spend time but I'm sure the novelty would wear off eventually... great pics... G x

  4. That's a corker of a toaster. And it does buns.

    I actually emptied my toaster crumbs in the sink yesterday, and I thought 'what a pointless existence'.

  5. Yikes, would not even know if my toaster HAD a crumb tray??? Given it is the only piece of kitchen equipment Mr PK can operate he can empty it.....But that is a very groovy toaster indeed, a window, genius

  6. LOL! I'm with you about having a toaster that somehow just vapourises (sp?) the crumbs. I hate the way they get everywhere

  7. I worry that the toaster might up my carbohydrate consumption as I'd be tempted by other prople's toastings, but on the other hand the children might watch it instead of television and avoid all those attention deficit conditions supposedly caused by pacy cartoons.

  8. Awesome toaster. Where did you get it from? My husband drives me crazy when he makes toast. He constantly pops it up to check the colour and then puts it back down because it's still white. He has no faith in the dial.


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