Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seven things about me...

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. I did wonder before I published it whether I was telling you just too much... but it's good to navel-gaze and great to find a book that invites you to.

So while we're talking about me... here's a little more.

I am a bad blogger, the sort that gets blog awards from lovely people and never does anything about them.  Janette of My Sweet Prints who makes very sweet prints gave me an award months ago. Now Jane, an old friend and new blogger with Life on Planet Baby has included me in another blogger award here.

So seven things you probably don't know about me, unless you're family.
  1. I don't like things under the sea. I like being in the sea and on top of it, sailing, swimming anything. But I freak out a little (okay, a lot) when I put on a mask and snorkel and see fish and things under my feet. I really hated the only dive I ever did. Nearly swallowed the whole reg in fright.
  2. I don't drink coffee because I don't like coffee. Can't stand the taste. And if it sneaks into a chocolate I get cross. The not liking coffee thing can get a little awkward at a hip and happening coffee shop. The people you're 'having coffee' with just think you're a weird health nut, until you order a hot chocolate. Then the barista looks down their nose at you.
  3. I am not into sport. I like sporty things but I don't like watching it. Unfortunately I am married to a sport nut who has a love of all and any sport. I have drawn the line at netball (nothing duller, sorry ladies) and darts. I mean honestly, darts?
  4. I don't much like cats. Actually I really don't like them at all and unfortunately married a cat lover and have a boy of five who seems to want a ginger cat. I wonder where he got that idea from?
  5. I don't like a TV in the bedroom.  Mine or my children's. Otherwise I love it. And almost any trash on it. Go on judge me.
  6. I don't like snakes. What sane person does? I love New Zealand and walking in its long grass and letting my boys go anywhere in bare feet. It is so darn safe I may never leave.
  7. I don't like putting butter on cold toast. I have been known to leap across the kitchen, knife in hand, to get to the toaster as it pops. Not a second later. My father, who loves to tease, once lined up all the cereal boxes on the kitchen floor as an obstacle course. I came flying around the corner to get to the toaster and saw them all and him collapsed on the floor laughing himself silly. I made more toast.
I really, really don't like the thought that you now think I am seriously neurotic. I am a little bit but in a hopefully likeable way.

By the way, the photograph is Wineglass Bay on Tasmania's glorious east coast, a place I really do like.


  1. As I read through this, I agreed with it all. Just like me. Absolutely everything. When you start a Being Me Club, I'll join. No coffee will be served. Quick now, your toast has just popped.

  2. Well I don't think you are neurotic because I am a bit the same on the toast front! There is a definite sequence to my breakfast and look out anyone who interrupts it! ;-)

  3. Magnificent 7 things, so funny! I love snakes and sports, except netball & darts - I'm with you on that..oh, and the things under the sea..I did a lifesaving course to try to overcome my fear of the ocean, it only made it worse! We're just not supposed to be in it as far as I'm concerned..I watched an interview recently with a British girl who regularly sails around the world by herself. She must have an extra large bravery gene. Rachaelxx

  4. Oh, Ann! I completely relate to 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Are you sure we're not twins?! J x

  5. That was good. Very, very good. Certainly with you on the snake thing and the toast. I like cats, just not mine. And isn't a bit of neurosis a healthy thing..that's what I tell myself anyway. Good on you for giving us a bit more info :)

  6. Great to learn more about you Ann. Had a giggle about the toast! And who DOESNT like trashy tv? :)

  7. Loved your seven things. Totally agree with you on the toast. But cats - awww... love them!

  8. Great list, Ann!

    I love things under the sea, but I still hate sitting on top waiting for the boat, I'm much happier when I can see what's (not) coming at me. When I went on my first open water dive I put my face in the water and the first thing I saw was a shark. I am not joking. No one believed me. It might have been small, but it was still a shark.

    I like snakes, but not poisonous ones.

    I can't get going in the morning without a double shot latte.

    Everything else, I'm totally on board. Especially the netball and the toast - I stand there and wait for it to pop.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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