Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby steps...

Childhood is a series of milestones some big some small. Sunday was a big day. Dummy Deal day. 

We struck a deal to chuck the last dummy in the bin and then go and buy a BIG RED TRUCK (shouted excitedly every time it was mentioned). Of course it took a couple of weeks to plant the seed, then a few days to iron out the details of the plan and then jump when the moment seemed right. We've had practice - son number one swapped his dummy for a Tonka truck at the same age.

Step one. Dummy in the bin. 
Step two whizzing straight out the door with the whole family to go shopping for a BIG RED TRUCK. Only there were none... just this BIG RED MODOBIKE which he pounced on in the shop, clutched in the car all the way home, slept with on Sunday night and hasn't really looked at since.
I don't mind at all. $9.99 and another little baby step towards being a Really Big Boy.

Now I am just praying that there isn't a random dummy tucked away in a toybox... or rather praying that I find it first.


  1. Oh, that is a big step. A lot like giving up the bottle. (Not the wine bottle. No)

    One day he'll want a real one of those MODOBIKES. That's another big step.

    Kiss that sweet little blonde head.

  2. Congratulations blondie! Big step for a big boy... dummy 'fairy' came to our place last year, took the dummy and replaced it with some little toy cats. Very good at her job that dummy fairy. G x

  3. Well done to the little fella! Does he seem more grown up already? xx

  4. That's a milestone. You know, if you popped a little blue cap on his head, he'd be the blond Dicky Knee of the blogosphere. He's too cute. x

  5. How cute! Lovely to capture this step in his life.

  6. That sounds like a trouble-free transition; well-engineered. I wish people would bribe me to do things.I wouldn't say no to a big red truck.

  7. That so nice. Parenting could be as hard as shell sometimes though its rewarding in everyway seeing him in a good disposition.

  8. Oh how funny! My daughter fortunately gave up her dummy without needing a bribe, but a few months later surprised us when she came strolling out of her bedroom with one wedged in her mouth (and a naughty glint in her eye) that she'd stashed secretly somewhere.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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