Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adventures of a sleeping stuntman, part 316.

This is not a crime scene (apart from the offence against the Tidy Rooms Act) just my son, the sleeping stuntman at it again. I guess this time he's dreaming about firemen and heroic ladder rescues.

Every night he's not where he should be, soon he'll be sleeping in the hallway. Maybe I should just do away with the bed altogether?


  1. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous. I just want to reach out and give him a big cuddle. A-M xx

  2. Awww...little sleepy man! My daughter used to sleep walk which went from entertaining to utterly terrifying when we found her outside.

    It's a good thing you have the roller bed to ease his descent somewhat. ☺

  3. LOVE it! We have a niece who is like that... ends up under the bed more often than not! Georgie x

  4. Uh oh, is this what I have to look forward to? My 2.5 year old just moved to a mattress on the floor from her crib (she's getting a toddler bed on the weekend) because she has figured out how to climb in and out of her crib and likes to try to do it head first...

    Two nights in and she has stayed on the mattress, but I keep waking up, expecting to see her face millimetres from mine or finding her climbing in beside me...

    I like the trundle bed!

  5. Tee hee hee, you could almost see the white chalk outline drawn around where he is on the floor ;D Maybe a scene from a "who dun it" - it was the fireman, in the bedroom, with the hose!

  6. oh so cute! Just think of the adventures he is having after "lights out"! xx

  7. I chuckle at this ongoing series, Ann. I really don't think you can do much more! J x

  8. this pic is soooo great! *hihi* love your title above. warm wishes and a happy day! di


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