Thursday, March 3, 2011

For the wall...

Simple. Gorgeous. I want one. My husband is not so keen and it is his house too. Boo.

You can buy them here. 


  1. I've admired these immensely since Jane mentioned the artist on her Pear Tree House Blog. Buy them! Sneak them in!

  2. Fabulous! Buy one!!

    Let me talk to your husband.

  3. I love them. Can there be arm twisting of the spousal variety to get yourself one? It'd be worth it :)

  4. Hello fellow blogger, Aucklander and villa dweller. I love your comment. How many times have I heard "it IS my house too". Personally I think other halves should only have equal say when they spend the same amount of time and effort sourcing and window shopping/browsing for gorgeous things for the home!! That's fair, right?!

  5. Ah Mise I am off now to look for Jane's post on him.

    Thank you too ladies for your arm twisting suggestions... all comments WILL by read by my house spouse. I am hoping he will just give in to my good taste. A x

  6. Hi Ann. That art is fantastic. Anyone with even a modicum of good taste would be only to happy to have them grace a wall in their home, and I'm sure your hubby falls into that category ie good taste, artistic appreciation, decor savvy. At the very least, I am sure he loves you so much he would do anything to see your desire fulfilled..."happy wife, happy life".
    (Hope this helps).
    Just found Stylish Irish blog through your comments and am following her.

  7. Fab art. I am all for arm twisting!

    Ann's really should do this for your wife. You know that.Come on be a good boy now....

  8. MIC and I differ on art work ... we often have this discussion - me loving and him not .... so I think Helen bon cater (?) and her director husband (tim burton from bettlejuice) have the right idea .... connecting houses with a big central bit of glassed in conservatory - she does what she wants with her house and him in his and just the point of cross over in the middle for the kids and daily living - bliss ! le xox


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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