Friday, March 18, 2011

Door love...

Each Friday I thought I might close the door on the week (sorry) with one of the villa doors that has caught my eye in our patch of Auckland. Remember this copper door? And this rather retro number just around the corner?

I love this deep brick red door.  It's not particularly 'on trend' or even freshly painted but it looks warm and welcoming and like a family with a nice life is nestled behind it. 

The wellies seem to be a permanent fixture on these steps.  I now own a pair - and three rain jackets. Auckland is wet and Auckland soccer grounds are wet, muddy and rather miserable places for ballet flats or converse in winter. Soccer training starts next week which must mean our lovely endless summer weather will end soon. Just not this weekend please.


  1. we had a duck egg blue painted bungalow for our last house and we painted the door a gorgeous bright red, I loved it! my parents just painted their front door a really glossy black which looks amazing, might try that for our house now.

  2. Nice idea for a blog-post - particularly as we are currently trying to decide on our front door! Love the red here but don't think it will work for our house.

  3. Hi Ann. This is a cute idea having a Friday villa door feature. Ours is a rather conservative black. There's a part of me though that would love to do a bubble gum pink door but it might be a bit unfair on my other half!

  4. I like the fact that the red door isn't perfect with a few scuff parks on the step. I have a white front door and as much as I like it, a bit of colour is nice too.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. That door is a beautiful shade of red. The other colours are almost identical to my house. Hmmm, I wonder what Mr M would say if it painted our doors?

  6. I have always loved looking at doors, as I have traveled. I have a favorite postcard of all the colored doors in Ireland. And like you, I picture who lives behind that door.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. How long have you been in Auckland?


  7. I love when you get out and about and shgow us glimpses of oyur neighbourhood.
    Good luck with the soccer training. You'll notice it's hardly ever cancelled as they'd never get to play if they cancelled every time it rained haha.

  8. Yes. I quite agree. The deep coloured door is very appealing. Our house has almost the same colour-Dulux Pale Grey which looks grey green. At the moment we have an old glass door which still needs stripping back and repainting on trims. Food for thought.

  9. Ann,
    love your space! Congratulations on your beautiful family and great sense of humor ...
    Hugs from Brazil


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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