Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little things...

It's the little things that make life so much easier. Such good advice from a friend and fellow mother.* She told me once that if you find a spoon or bowl or cup that works for your child buy three so you're not always looking for it.  That explains the drawer full of plastic in my kitchen.

That's the trouble isn't it - the little things can add up to a drawer stuffed full of little things. That's why I'm usually against those kitchen gizmos that will apparently make your life easier (by skinning a mango or slicing an egg). Despite this I still have a drawer full of crap.

So what does this have to do with a batch of freshly backed biscuits, Ann?

Well, the other day in a weak moment (other women have their weak moments in shoe shops, mine come in kitchen shops) I succumbed and bought a cookie scoop, rather like this one

And you know what? It's fabulous...  go and buy one now.**

I made a choc chip biscuit recipe where the instruction was to roll into balls... I scooped instead and it took seconds and I wasn't covered in sticky dough up to my wrists. 
It was so quick and I was feeling so chuffed I made anzacs too.
Now to find the device that controls the two year old dough monster.  Luckily my 'helper' is not that heavy as he ate his body weight in biscuit dough.
*I have had an awful lot of advice from friends and fellow mothers (and dished out rather a lot myself) but not all of it is good.

**See there you go, more advice. Sorry.


  1. Thanks for this Ann. I've seen these in the shops and wondered if they work, and now I know. Did you still squash the biscuits down with a fork, or just leave them in balls?
    Just to reciprocate, if you like pancakes I can recommend the pancake pen. I posted about it last Nov (I think). Again, really easy and precise.

  2. Just had to say, I saw Norah, the mum on Brothers and Sisters using this cookie scoop last night and it made me want one! Now I want one even more!!

  3. hmm cookie scoop. Not a bad idea, and certainly speed things up. I love ANZAC biscuits to death. I feel patriotic and the children love them and I feel good because hardly any sugar in them. So easy. Hope you are well. xo

  4. Ooooh. That looks like a good device. I was thinking the other day how I can never get a consistent biscuit size ... and I was making Anzac biscuits too, coincidentally.

    I will go and buy one. I love being told what to do by opinionated motherly-types.

  5. Hmm, Ann, that looks a little like an ice-cream scoop - is it similar? And I impressed as how your Anzacs didn't spread - mine always seem to. J x

  6. I already had in mind to whip up some choc-chip cookies today and after seeing this post I used the ice cream scoop... as an experiment. It worked a treat... thanks for the inspiration, Ann! gxo

  7. I've not heard of the cookie scoop...too funny that you are now a big advocate for scooping biscuit dough!! I'll put in on the wish list. xx

  8. I NEED one of these! The fiddly biscuit assembly line has often out me off baking biscuits! Am going out to find one in the morning. Thanks!

  9. I remember these scoops when growing up in the UK but we used them for ice cream, I'm not even sure if that was their real job because Mum never made biscuits

  10. That's a great idea. I want one. It will stop me from eating all the mixture, perhaps, before it gets made into cookies.

  11. What a good idea! I could do with one of those! That was a very funny post as I could relate completely! Jxx

  12. That looks like a must have gadget. Your biscuits prove it. Will keep an eye out for one of those.

  13. I coveted one of these for ages and could not find one anywhere. Got one from Farro Fresh last year, might even be the same one as yours, and I LOVE it, great for my boys too.
    Your cookies look great too


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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