Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Money, money...

Money is on my mind today which is unusual. As a rule I'm not that interested but it does make the world go around so I should develop a keener interest in a) making more of it and b) spending less of it.

I was interested to read a snippet online this morning about just how much money we'd now need to feel rich. Of course the best people to ask about this are the ones who are already rich.

42% (hardly a majority but never let that stand in the way of a headline) of the thousand American millionaires questioned agreed that $US7.5 is about the figure these days. Any less and I suppose they worry about where the next meal's coming from or at least the next BMW.

Righto, that's a little more than $NZ10,000,000... Time to get a job.

Or I could just email all the really generous people spamming me at the moment. I have been lucky enough to win more than £750,000 in the British PO lottery AND $500,000 in the Mega Ball promo whatever that is. Victor Hugo Bastidas just wants me to email my name address and phone number. How nice... if I were better at returning my emails I could be a quarter of my way to being rich.

Or I could develop a new business dreaming up more believable spam emails.

I am quite tempted by this little note from an admirer.

hey stranger your pitcures are stunning (seen you on that site)
im a 24 year old female just looking for some fun maybe u can
go on msn or yahoo messengiar madison21jobs@hotmail.com add me and send me a line
lets talk further there in private please

Although I am firmly and quite dully attached to my husband and men in general, any 24 year old showing interest is flattering. Take what you can get I say... particularly when you're feeling about 83 on a good day.

Just a pity Connie can't spell and seems to like Generation Z text spk. I just don't think I could have an online thing with someone who might end each sentence with lol or send me a smiley face. :) Know what I mean?


  1. LOL Ann :o) (couldn't resist). I've had those too - and what about the Arab men wanting to be 'friends' on Facebook?

  2. MOTH & I have often talked about a quick get-rich scheme. We have come to the conclusion we need to become Charlatan Faith Healers & practice Quackery. Although since Stephen Barrett set up his watchdog site www.Quackery.com. recently, things have become difficult. However MOTH reckons all we need to do is get fit so we can outrun the authorities.
    Millie x

  3. What is a pitcure? My imagination is quite running away, but how you've definitely made me LOL ha ha! Victor Hugo sounds a winner I think.
    xx :)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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