Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For the grandparents...

Our sleeping stuntman has been at it again. Almost every night when we pop in to check on him he's assumed some ludicrous new position. He is actually sound asleep here and seconds after I'd moved him he was back like this.

I'm so very glad we bought him a trundle bed which (almost always) provides the perfect crash pad when the stunt sleeping misfires...

After a very busy day he's lying here dreaming of parks, balls, chockut cake and the 'birthday' Father Christmas is bringing.  The festive concept is a bit mixed up but I think that means he's well and truly got a handle on the present thing this year. Bring it on Santa.


  1. So adorable! He actually looks very comfortable.

  2. Oh what a little sweetie pie! It must be hard not to laugh out loud when you walk in and see him, so cute! Merry Christmas Ann!

  3. too cute. He must have been very tired.

  4. Ah, hilarious. I love this series - you're keeping it real, my dear friend. Love it. J x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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