Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Breakfast in red?

Lovely vibrant colours to start your morning... and a surprise too. It's Cornishware, the distinctive blue and white has had a twenty-first century makeover.   I have never much like the blue version - not quite the right blue. Spode blue is more my shade of blue and white.  The RED is my absolute favourite... and so appropriately Christmassy. 
Apparently in the fifties they did briefly make the red version but couldn't quite nail the colour consistently so ended production. Now that we  can fly quite easily to the moon and all carry the world in our iPalms they can also make red Cornishware.

Why am I more thrilled by the advances in red striped pottery than space travel or the digital age?

A reminder too that I am having a rather red giveaway this week - join in, you have until Sunday to enter.

Found via India Knight... again. The images are from here. Have a look, you'll want to buy some too.


  1. Yes, I saw that post of hers - most interesting. I love your closeups better, though ☺. Oh, and Ann, you're ALMOST selling me on the benefits of red...J x

  2. Mmmmm I love red... you don't have to tempt me. I refuse to go look as I can't buy anything if I have no money. If I had money and they matched with my lilac-y kitchen cupboards (which we are still yet to paint after living here for 3 yrs) then perhaps I might buy them. :P

  3. Be still my heart...more red!
    There is just something about red that makes my whole being perk up when I see it....not large amounts just those flashes that bring out the beauty of everything around it! xx

  4. I think red striped pottery is a much greater invention than all those other non-red things. I love it!

  5. Love the new red, although I am very loyal to the old blue! Reminds me of my childhood.

  6. I haven't seen Cornishware for ages. Thanks for re-introducing me to it. The red certainly looks festive and I'm surprised how much I like it as I'm a bit partial to blue and white usually.

  7. I love Cornish blue and and seriously liking the red.

  8. They are too gorgeous..I've promised myself I won't buy anything else..but..Rachaelxx

  9. Oh my goodness!!! I'm in love!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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