Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday flowers and a few thoughts...

The past week has flown by with no time given at all to my poor little blog. It was the last week of school for my son. His first year as a school boy is now behind him and many more years ahead... ah to be five again.

I have been shopping, baking, arranging flowers and generally swanning around trying to emulate Nigella at her most laid-back yet charismatic best. I'd forgotten just how much I love cooking for others and will do more of it next year.

I had been feeling a little caught up in the pre-Christmas rush and then read this very personal post from Jane a blogger I really admire.

She writes as I would like to write with clear opinions and a wide breadth of knowledge about art, food, design and books. She has a beautiful life and I feel lucky to have shared a portion of it through her posts.

Her life in the coming months will be difficult. A good time for us all to pause and remember how fragile our beautiful lives are and how worth fighting for.


  1. Thanks for the reminder (through Jane's blog)about how fragile our lives are and how important it is to value each day!
    I, too , have 2 boisterous boys. Makes life interesting doesn't it?

  2. Snap, Ann - I'm planning to do a Friday Flowers post as well, once the pixies are finally asleep. It's really taken the wind out of my sails today, too. Sending hopeful vibes to Melbourne tonight. J x

  3. I read about Jane and left her a comment. A horrible time .. and such nice words you wrote.

    The bay blades story made me laugh. I too have 2 boys (7 + 5) and am still smiking at your multiple list comment. I have kept the last few and am now trying to sort through what is THE most important (note: you can tell by this post that I am yet to even start the shopping .. tomorrow, tomorrow!!)

  4. I've just returned from the hospital where my father is fighting his own cancer battle, you are so right, life is indeed a fragile and precious thing, thanks for a lovely post, I wept for Jane, I am praying for her too x

  5. Jane's news certainly makes one stop and reflect.
    Now that "school's out" you will be busy keeping your boys amused Ann. I hope you find plenty to do and enjoy your family holiday time.

  6. love your lizzies ... the small things bring such joy - hugs le


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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