Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas whispers...

There's a lot to do at this time of year and of course even more if you are Santa's eyes and ears.
It is my job to make sure Father Christmas gets all the amendments to the various Santa lists that are drafted from about September through to the 24th of December. These lists are made on scraps of paper, written at home or at school, spelled out in conversation with me, Dad, the grandparents, the teacher and other boys.

Unfortunately they're not reliable documents. Often they're made in my five year old's head. And the items on the lists change. A lot.

It's like a game of Chinese Christmas whispers with all the whisperers in different rooms. Impossible.

Unfortunately the loudest whisper  I've intercepted is Bey Blades. Bey Blades. Bey Blades.

Those of you without boys will think I'm off my head.
I am.  Bey Blades are sold out in New Zealand.

I have visited four toy shops and one two dollar shop where I could have found a fake if I'd been faster. They're sold out too.

My name is on a list - I am hoping to be among the lucky few who get one of the Bey Blades being air freighted in to NZ. Did I want a two pack? Yes, if they're the last ones in the country, you bet I do.

I have put the call out to Australia to my son's Cool Uncle. "Get Him a Bey Blade," I texted (but a bit more politely).

Cool Uncle is not yet 30. He will know what a Bey Blade is... he will know how important this is. As important as that Ben 10 watch and the Bakugan ball things gathering dust in my son's room. IMPORTANT.

Meantime the huge boxes of lego and six year old bike might ease the pain. Might...

I'd like it noted that:
1. My children don't actually get a lot of Christmas presents but I know that they do very, very well considering the plight of most of the world's kids. They too will know that one day.
3. I know as a blogger I should be handcrafting felt toys and sticking bits of fabric together to make him a dress-up Bey Blade outfit. The sense of failure weighs heavily.
4. I once said I'd only buy my children handcrafted wooden toys but that was a long, long time ago...

And you may well ask what the hell a Bey Blade is? Does it really matter?


  1. Now I'm going to have to Google it, Ann ☺. Planet Baby hasn't discovered them yet, thank goodness.

    And as for the toys gathering dust, I am bracing for tomorrow's big cleanout of the pixies' toys. I suspect many bags will head to the Salvos. We buy sparingly but everyone else is so generous. We need to make room for all their recent birthday presents! J x

  2. yes bey blades seem to be back in the popularity stakes again, I was on duty at school the other day and every other boy had bey blades which was funny as only a term ago there wasn't one boy playing with them! you made me smile thinking of a handmade bey blade outfit!!!

  3. My daughters are grown and I still find joy in getting them something they love. The fun thing, as they grow . . . they buy me what I want.

    Hope you find the special toy.


  4. My son must be too young for them and I must confess I haven't the faintest what a Bey Blade is.!! My son is obsessed with Transformers but spends most of his time playing with Lego which is great. Wooden shmooden. Who can really do that?

  5. How hilarious. I've three growing boys and I've never heard of them either...but then, they are heavily involved in Star Wars or Toy Story. Funny about the homemade toys and outfit - my kids would disown me if I sewed them an outfit, given my poor sewing skills!!

  6. Ah, memories :) It's a fine balancing act isn't it...between being organised and early (and therefore getting the thing that was important 5 minutes ago) and waiting for the really, truly must have! It gets much easier when they're older I promise :)

  7. Ha, ha, great post and good luck! x

  8. Ha ha - I remember Bey Blades the last time they were the gift to get at Christmas!

  9. Good luck with your Bey (what the?) Blade hunt. My 4 y o has asked for a 'real' fairy's wand (ie one that actually does magic) and a tail. She really wants to have a tail that is attached to her body. I think you'll have more luck than me!

  10. My Five is obsessed with Bey Blades too. I went to toy shop yesterday only to learn the sad news. Sold out in NZ. Needing a Christmas miracle!

  11. I'm still laughing at your second note ("sense of failure weighs heavily"). Beautifully said!

  12. My boys haven't discovered these either! They are obsessed with lego and playmobil, which are relatively easily purchased, thankfully! Thinking of you in the great Bey Blade hunt!

  13. Well Ann, I didn't know what they were called, but I saw a whole lot of boys at school the other day, totally preoccupied with what I now know as Bey Blades, and I have never seen such serious concentration before! I hope your quest is successful. It is difficult when Father Christmas can't get his act together. I know because I am definitely in that boat this year, and I may have to ship out! xx
    P.S Oh yes, Scotties has THE best recycle store doesn't it. The knitted nativity comes from the Wellington store.

  14. As a mother of two girls, I have no idea about Bey Blades but I do know about how when something is 'in' you just gotta get or else! Good luck with your hunt and have a great Christmas.

  15. too funny - no request here from 6 and 7 for bey blades - we have electric train requests from mr 7 - thomas is too baby-ish .... mr 6 wants a spotty puppy - dalmations price in at $950 for a pup - OMG !! go the bey blades I say - best le

  16. Our grandsone over here (in UK) were mad on Bey Blades a while ago - I think they've gone out of fashion here - poor you, searching for them and the UK charity shops are prob full of them! I started off - many years ago - saying only wooden toys......didn't last long! I bet they'll love the Lego!

  17. My son is 21 and I dont know what a Bey Blade is. We definitely have not heard of them in Sri Lanka. Educate me please!

  18. How funny - my sixteen year old son was obsessed with bey blades when he was younger, and it's funny how these things come around again. I'll keep an eye out around here and post them to you if I happen to come across any - I know how important these things are! K xx

  19. Our 6year old is pretty keen for one of these too and he may be in luck as his Aunty in Australia is coming over and you never know what she may have in her luggage.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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