Monday, December 6, 2010

Summer fun... and a winner...

I don't really need to say much more do I? While part of Australia is under water the Land of the Long White Cloud (or our end of it) is basking under endless sunny blue skies.

It's heaven for those of us with only a patch of grass (and two boys) to water and no herd of dairy cows to keep alive.  More to come the forecasters say and the likelihood drought will be declared again in the north.

Now down to business. With the help of my boys (the younger one helped by not actually helping) we have drawn a winner for the giveaway - thank you all who entered - the winner is....

Ange from Chair Up - I suspect she'd rather I send her a ticket back to Auckland... maybe next year!


  1. The way England is at the moment, even looking at pictures of water makes me feel cold!

  2. Absolutely stunning photos. After a few years of drought you sort of forget what rain looks like and how to cope with it!
    Hope you get some rain soon for the farmers.

  3. Well done to Ange! I can recall those long Summer days running in & out of the sprinkler on the back lawn like it was yesterday. A true right of passage for all kidlets.
    Millie ^_^

  4. Eeeeeck!!!! I couldn't be more excited! Thanks so much Ann, my first giveaway win and it's a beauty:o) A new notebook is (was) at the top of my "need to buy" list but I probably would have just gone to Big W. I will be sure now to stop in the middle of the mall and write notes in my new notebook for all to see!!!
    Judging by the Summer we are having here, I may have to put my new bag away for a while.
    We have some video footage of our kids playing in the sprinkler from when we lived in Hamilton and they love to get it out and watch. It's kind of sad they don't get to do that here with the water restrictions but at least they have their memories. Your boys look like they are having a blast.
    Thanks again Ann, oh, and you're dead right about that ticket to Auckland - be sure and make it one way ;o)

  5. Great photos, the boys look like they're having heaps of fun there. We are truly in the 'wet season' in Queensland, it almost reminds me of being back in the UK, but thankfully without the cold winds. x

  6. Ah the sprinklers. We had to pull all ours out with the drought. Now we can put them back in. arrggghhh.

  7. There is so much fun to be had with a hose in the back garden. The simple things are usually the best. I truly can't believe how warm it has been here in Wellington!
    Loved your comment about breathing out the calm organized air as you leave kikki.k. How I love that store. I breathed in some of that air on the weekend too.
    The trick for me is learning to use the 'to do' pad more often!

  8. Gorgeous photos! My boys adore the hose so much I have been forced to remove the tap to prevent unauthorised garden, washing and body hosing! x

  9. Great photos, that is my kids favourite pastime and after years of drought we can finally do it again without guilt. Your little blondies are very cute.

  10. Helping by not actually helping is so often the most helpful help from children, isn't it? Well done, Ange!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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