Friday, April 9, 2010

The blue and the white

I have a real thing for blue and white - always have... It's not particularly cool and hip but then neither am I and it seems a little late to change.

This is the plate cupboard in my lovely, lovely new kitchen. Oodles of storage, soft close doors and drawers I still haven't managed to fill.

It's open most of the time and luckily I love most of the things in it.

The spatterware and assorted plates have been collected over the years -  I used to browse the London antique markets. Some came from my lovely mum who's probably responsible for the whole blue and white thing. The striped bowls and shiny new white plates are from Country Road.

The final image is just a free card I found in the very gorgeous Woollahra store Orson and Blake. The assistant thought I was mad when I asked if I could take it but she didn't know the warm feeling those blues and whites were giving me...


  1. You're not alone, it does give a warm feeling. My aunt had the most beautiful blue willow display in her farm kitchen. Seeing the blue & white takes me back there..Rachaelxx

  2. I'm with you on the blue and white, Ann. My mum has a huge collection, all antique and gathered over many years. Transferware, Cornish ware, you name it, she's got it. I don't think it ever really goes out of style.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, so glad you did because now I've found yours! Will be popping in often I think. K xx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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