Monday, December 20, 2010

For the man who has everything...

Or more accurately the wife who has absolutely no idea what to buy him...

Despite being together nearly ten years I find my husband incredibly hard to shop for. I can't buy him clothes, he loves books but I'm never quite sure which one, same with music. He's just not really that interested in getting things and on the rare occasion he is, he'll generally nip out and buy it himself. At least that's what I think, he thinks he's easy to buy for which only adds to my angst!

So last year (at the last minute) I dreamed up this.... a badly wrapped box* of 'time to himself' vouchers....
He loved it and although most of them are still sitting in the box he did get a few weekends away to himself and a few extra hours of sleep...

The bad news is that was last year and I have no idea what to pull out of the hat this year. HELP!?

*The reason I generally do NOT make gifts.


  1. Hi Ann,
    I too have a lovely Husband who is very hard to buy for! We too have been together for just over 10 years (nearly 15) and I still struggle, he has enough books to last a lifetime, as he never finds the time to read them. This year i have brought him a Indian cookery class lesson for Xmas, 2 of his male friends are going to, so he should love it! Becky @

  2. Ha! My hubby would've redeemed all those vouchers and then some!! Great idea. xx

  3. Ann, you might have been describing my own husband. He is notoriously difficult to buy for, a man of frugal nature, and so difficult to spoil! I love your box of time - and I admire your generosity. How about tickets to a play or concert? I've opted for tickets to Paul Kelly this year. Easy to wrap, too :)

  4. What a great idea. We are trying to have $20 or less presents here so a box of time might be just the thing.

  5. So clever and funny. How about another set of coupons for his favorite batch of cookies (or pie) . . . once each month for the next year.

    Merry Christmas.


  6. What a fun and excellent idea. I will have to remember that one!

  7. That's such a cool idea. For anyone, in fact.

  8. Love the voucher idea. I laughed at the packed lunch -ham included! I think husbands are so difficult to buy for too. If you can't buy him clohes, but he does actually need some, what about a voucher idea for a shopping trip just the two of you that also includes meal out/night away/theatre trip? The other idea that's a personal gift is to frame a treasured photo for him. Happy hunting. x

  9. I have this problem every year. Last Xmas the Minister of Finance was treated to a Tank Ride in Christchurch, a British AND Russian tank no less....if your hubby is into fun stuff like that I can recommend it! This year he is getting to take his lovely wife out to dinner once a month for a whole 12 months, the gift that keeps on giving......I can recommend that one to!

  10. um hell-oh! my hubby exactly. I gave him similar type vouchers for his birthday one year and yeah, he's still got some of them left. Probably forgotten.
    I'm getting my hubby one of those BPA free aluminium drink bottles for work. He just said yesterday he would like a insulated mug for drinking coffee on the way to work in the mornings (love how he tells me the week BEFORE Chrissy so that I have to frantically race to the stores to find a good one with two little kids in tow! UGH) and if we had the funds, buy him another pair of pricey Ray Bans sunnies as he just sat on his last week after 3 yrs of having them. Is that any help? haha. And I also bought hubby some socks and jocks because HE NEEDS THEM but I think I bought the wrong size jocks. Oh well. Was that TMI?
    xo MODELmumma

  11. What a clever idea - I think most women would like to receive those!!

  12. Hi Ann. Stu is exactly the same, so hard to buy for. Your box idea is brilliant. I had said to Stu that he could have one night a week out this year to do whatever he wanted. He looked at me blankly and said he wouldn't know what to do! Maybe bite sized portions like your vouchers would be a little less overwhleming!!! Have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Emma. xx

  13. This is brilliant! Love the night out - with no pointless conversation at 3 am disclaimer!!

    PS: I think the decadently delicious Aromatherapy Co giveaway I'm running will be right up your alley!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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