Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy, happy...

It's been an uneventful and pretty unstressed sort of week for us. No packing or planes this year - we're staying put in Auckland for Christmas.

We're having a lovely but very relaxed lunch at a friend's new house... a pool, prawns, oysters, ham and salads and a gaggle of satisfied boys spinning their Bey Blades. Phew. We shipped one in via the grandparents in Queensland and another hand delivered from China. Yes, seriously, China. Well it wasn't just a Bey Blade buying mission but a friend on a business trip whose own boys are equally obsessed. Christmas is saved.

I have had a few little hiccups in my relaxed approach to the festive season, the first is losing a couple of the gifts I bought way too early. There are two Roal Dahl books that will turn up in June.

Next year I will not buy four rolls of sticky tape and a bunch of Christmas cards and then stash them somewhere while quickly tidying up before friends drop in. Will no doubt find them both on Boxing Day. What would Flylady say?

I have also discovered that there is such a thing as non-sticky sticky tape. I found an old obviously cheap roll and have been trying to wrap presents with it and now have five new grey hairs and another frown line.  I had a tantrum, threw it out and am doing origami type folds and trying to hold the mess together with ribbon. Sorry Martha my dear.

Inspired by all the beautiful images I've seen I bought a new glass vase (above) to display the glass baubles that a mother of two boys should never have bought. They are sitting next to our French doors and so far the balls, paper planes and even airborne children have sailed past without incident... just added another grey hair or two...

Merry Christmas to one and all. Particularly my dear family and all the old friends we won't see this festive season.   I'll be back when the mood strikes!


  1. You are so funny Ann! ...'even airborne children..' love it! The vase with the baubles looks so pretty. And I always do that 'sticky tape missing etc' don't worry, you'll have plenty for next year when it does resurface. I hope you and your boys have a fantastic Christmas! Look forward to seeing your Villa Life again in 2011!

  2. Love those baubles and have a very merry Christmas! And I did chuckle at the tape talk - same issues here :) happy wrapping!!

  3. Merry Christmas Ann! Hope you and the family have a lovely day and best wishes for the new year too if I don't "see" you before then. :)
    xo MODELmumma

  4. Those vases look full of festive cheer. I am glad I am not the only one who does the quick stash prior to people calling in. I am still looking for last years Christmas cards!

  5. What an hilarious post. No sticky-tape for wrapping!!! Origami folds! Oh no!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your little family. xx

  6. Merry Days !! I know the feeling of lost items that magically re-appear sometime after the event - we are half moved and half unpacked and half lost - can I have three halves or should they be thirds ... best le

  7. Merry Christmas lovely Ann. I've just caught up on your last few posts and was very happy to see that my little Bridget is not the only 'stunt sleeper' (love that term)! I also love the present you gave to your husband last year, how clever. Your vases full of baubles look gorgeous. I tried to do that and it looked awful..will try again next year! Have a wonderful Christmas with all your boys..Love Rachaelxx

  8. The sticky tape story sounds very familiar Ann!
    I think the baubles in the vases look lovely - let's hope they continue to be little boy proof.
    I hope your Christmas continues to be stress free. Have fun. x

  9. Ah, more red, my dear friend! *Chuckle* (you've nearly converted me. But not quite.). A spectacular arrangement and I'm most impressed at its intact state. It would not survive on PB, I know that.

    Love to you and all your boys, Ann. Thanks so much for 'outing' yourself so early in my delightful bloggy caper - it's made the world of difference to me. I look forward to seeing you sometime in 2011. J x

  10. Those gorgeous vases wouldn't last a minute here Ann, with all our gigantic boys & their long, long clumsy arms home for Christmas! Warm Christmas wishes to you & yours, I'm so glad we found each other, your fabulous writing style makes me want to do better every day!
    Millie x

  11. Oh you do make me laugh Ann! It may help the grey hairs if I confess that despite wrapping a thousand presents at the store, I'm still in the same sort of pickle at home. Best advice - book a last minute hair maintenance appointment like I do! Have a lovely lovely Christmas, and I look forward to following your hilarious escapades next year. Amanda xx
    P.S yes the store is closed on your way through, but maybe not on the way back??


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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