Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's the stuff of fairytales. The prince and princess are living happily ever after and the bad guy is dead. It worries me that the wedding of William and Kate was far more interesting to me than the death of Osama. I think I have lost my way as a journalist.

It could be my sore back and the rather nice painkillers I'm taking.  I can only sit down for a short time so my return to blogging will have to be brief.

Another time I will tell you about our beautiful holiday in Tasmania. Family, friends, a fortieth, camping, cooking and enjoying the dreamy days of sunshine. That is Hobart in the photo. It's amazing that you can be in the city and not see a single house as you look across the river.  Of course my sore back got in the way a little but I am home now to fix it.

My new physio is one of those annoyingly fit ones. While I slowly unfurl myself he greets me bouncing on his toes like a tennis pro at the net dressed head to toe in sports gear.

He's also annnoyingly self confident telling me he is the only physio that can fix me and he's going to publish a teaching manual on his amazing method. Only men are that self-confident. I'd like a little of it.

I just smile weakly. I hope he's as good as he says he is.


  1. Tasmania is definitely on my list of places to visit Ann, and that photo makes it look so tranquil. Sorry that you had a back though...let's hope that physio guy really is as good as his word.

  2. Tell us all if he doesn't fix your back, then that way we won't waste our money buying his manual!

    And I totally agree with you re the Osama vs Kate & Will. I clicked on the 'beating the royal wedding to death' article about the new couple first and bypassed the Osama story. HA!

  3. Hope your back feels better soon. Looking forward to seeing pics of Tassie... am yet to get there, maybe one day.

  4. I'm so pleased you're back! I missed that sense of humour. Sorry to hear your back is so bad, and I really hope that physio is as good as he thinks he is. If a trip to Wellington is on the cards, I can recommend my osteopath! I'm afraid my physio wasn't as good as he thought he was!!

  5. Oh Ann - sounds like you're having a rough time of it! Bet that physio isn't half as sure of himself as he lets on - silly men! Btw, the last villa door was indeed a travesty. There should be rules about these things (rules set by us obviously!) Claire

  6. I just thought I'd pop in here wearing all my sports gear to hope that your back will be better soon! And to say that no one will wish you as well as I wish you! And that I'm writing a manual on wishing you well! A long, jaunty one!

    (I hope that wasn't too annoying.)

  7. I hope you're feeling chipper again, Ann, you poor darling. I know how excruciating back pain is. Thanks again for your delightful drop-off - all beautifully potted now, awaiting its new home. Let's aim to catch up on your next visit! J x

  8. Hi.:-) Sorry about your back. It must really hurt for you to take painkillers. Hope your physio guy will do wonders on your back as he says he is that good. I love to see pictures of your holiday vacation to Tasmania.:-)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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