Friday, May 27, 2011

For Granny...

This flower is for my grandmother who died this week... she was ninety-four.

I have just snippets of memories of her as we lived thousands of miles apart for most of my life. I remember her shoes getting stolen on Bondi beach when I was a little girl and she was on holiday. I remember looking out for the neighbourhood cats as she was terrified of them. I remember all the lovely gifts she'd send from Joburg when she worked in a jeweller's shop. I remember her rosary beads and the bathroom hidden behind the wardrobe doors in her home. I remember the swing in her garden and I remember all the phone calls when she would talk and talk and I would struggle to get a word in.

I thought she loved yellow but Mum says actually it was blue she loved the most but she did love her little yellow car... that must be what I was remembering.  The flower is for you Granny and your two daughters who miss you so much.


  1. The first thing I saw in my reader was the yellow flower... and it immediately made me think of my dear grandmother, who adored yellow flowers, especially daffodils. So sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. I loved your list of memories of her. Thinking of you. Emma x

  2. So sad. I hate this part of blogging ... when people lose someone they love. I can never think of anything to say, other than I always start to cry reading these posts. Such nice memories of your grandmother.

  3. My grandmother loved king Alfred daffodils..she lived in Auckland. Grannies...grandmas..nannas..are so special. Your post really brought out the uniqueness of your grandma's personality..we don't usually think of grandma's as being scared of cats! I'm sorry you'll miss her so much.

  4. Oh, Ann, I'm so sorry to hear that. Sending you a huige Hobart ♥ tonight, my friend. J x

  5. Sorry to read of your grandmother's passing Ann. Your snippets of memories are lovely.

  6. Sorry about your grandmother. x

  7. It's a beautiful colour, and a sweet recollection of your time with your Granny. Hugs for you xx


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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