Friday, April 15, 2011

Door love...

Here endeth a week that would be best forgotten. One sick little boy and a bigger boy with a broken arm.  Just a 'greenstick fracture of the distal radius' as he will proudly tell anyone who asks but there is a rather large cast from wrist to shoulder. No soccer, backyard cricket or swimming. No swinging from the furniture. Oddly enough he does need reminding.

The damage was done slipping from the school monkey bars. I'd like to blame the rickety playground but of course I can't. He was leaping down onto the bars from a great height so that sounds much more like his fault. As many kind friends have pointed out it is amazing it's taken six years.

He's fine and hasn't complained once. If I were in a cast from my wrist to my shoulder you'd hear me moaning from where you're sitting now.  One can learn a lot from children.

So it's been a little quiet on the blog front and will be even quieter in the coming two weeks. I am having a blog free break over the school holidays to tend to the wounded. Actually I'm going on holiday.  Happy holidays to you all.

Oh yes, this week's door. I don't really like it. 

Call me old fashioned but I just think it would look better on a sleek new house not a villa. And the picture quality is rubbish as our zoom button is broken so I'd have to walk up the stairs to get a nice close shot. I may be old fashioned but I'm not crazy. 


  1. Ouch... hope it mends well... enjoy your break... oh, break may not be the best word... enjoy your holiday... gxo

  2. I agree about the door, to me it doesn't really suit the house. It is far to contemporary.
    Sorry to hear about a sick boy and one with a broken arm. Our youngest did a similar break last year. It was awful. It is amazing how quickly they adapt though. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. The door is definitely on the wrong house. I wonder if it got lost? Amber

  4. I love the door, but i think you are right...better on a sleek new house not a beautiful old Villa.

  5. Hope the kidlets are on the mend soon. I agree with you about the door. totally. But not sure I agree about the photo quality. I think you're too hard on yourself. Still thinking about whether I agree with you on the crazy issue :)
    Have a great break Ann.

  6. Poor boy. I hope the arm heals soon and that you have a lovely peaceful blog-free break.

  7. Hope you're having a lovely holiday and the boys are better.
    Love everything about the door photo apart from the door! Just imagining a bold black wooden door with a shiny house number and door knocker and if it was in the UK a letter box.

  8. Hi. This door is a self-indictment of the owners wishing for a shuttered, cloistered existence-self contained and obviously a closed shop as far as emotions go perhaps?
    My 3 boys live life on the edge. The youngest almost literally. He does mountain bike riding often filming his exploits (sometimes with camera attached to his helmet) careening down sides off cliffs.
    I pray a lot.

  9. Hi Ann, sorry to here about your kiddy woes, though I remember a break as a kid and it was just about the most exciting thing that happened. Ever. I was gutted, just gutted, when I didn't get a cast. Take it easy and enjoy your break.

    I'm not totally offended by the door, but I can't help but think of other options that probably would have worked a little better. Each to there own, I guess.

  10. oh dear - your poor wee ones !!! kids are so resilient .... have a happy hols as best you can - also I agree - that door is at odds with the house ! best le xox

  11. I hope your boys are feeling better now. Molly had a little fracture (or didn't, the jury was out) on her elbow. It was a trampoline accident. I know accidents happen but would rather they didn't happen in our family- or yours! Love, Emma.

  12. I love your doors ... I like how they all line up at the end of your post under the heading 'You might also like' ... and I do!

    Poor little lads. I'm guessing the arm's out of plaster by now.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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