Monday, May 30, 2011

Shopping, cooking and a little light reading...

Shopping, cooking and a little light reading? I wish.

Instead we're prepping for a move, polishing up the house for a sale and researching where we might settle in the next city. Not much time for more pleasant things.  

There is, of course, always time to get distracted. 

These lovely books were released last month in the UK. Penguin's Great Food Series -  in their words twenty volumes with excerpts from the finest food writing in the past 400 years.  Sounds promising. Here's a little more about them from a Penguin publicist who's been cooking her way through the books and blogging about it. 

Paid to cook and blog? Just add sleep and it's my ideal job.

The series has been released in Australia and hopefully that means New Zealand too. I want to go and flick through the books and decide which I want. At first glance Elizabeth David, Mrs Beeton and perhaps Alexandre Dumas?

The stunning covers (by Penguin's chief designer Coralie Bickford-Smith) are reason enough to want them all but you know what they say about books and covers. If you do buy all twenty they look like this on your bookshelf. 
I'm really rather against colour coding books (akin to ironing underwear) but a rainbow would work. Just this once.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful covers. I bet it's not long till we see them for sale in tea towel form.

  2. I think all the covers would look fantastic in frames together on the wall. But I suppose that's not the point of books is it? ;)

  3. Gorgeous book covers! Good luck with everything, you sound busy! xx

  4. Covers are divine, almost worth buying just for the gorgeous illustration. Like you though I dislike colour coding on bookshelves. It goes against all my type a personality. Books should be organised by author or by category, never by colour, plus it looks absurd! Can you tell how much I loathe it? Anyhoo, off the soapbox now!

  5. As someone who unfortunately often judges a book by its cover, they look amazing. I'd like them all, even if I haven't a clue what buffalo cake and indian pudding are.
    And because I'm only just catching up on all your moving news, I can see you in action as a Melbourne blogger, but I am very sad to be losing a New Zealand blogger, even if she is an Aussie! For a moment I was hopeful the move was to Wellington. Sort of like Melbourne in your dreams!

  6. Oh they are so pretty! Look at those lovely covers, they would make great art prints. Hope your house prepping goes well! :)

  7. I would pick up those books for sure!

    I'm quite happy you pointed this out because I was wondering what next to do with our library. Done categorical order, done coloured spines... seems rainbow sections might be the next step. I know my girls would love that, but I think it would drive me nuts. I already have itchy fingers to change it back to something more orderly... gxo

  8. Beautiful book covers. Best to you in your move. We just moved 5 months ago from Seattle to Chicago. Soon you will be reading one of those lovely books in your new home.



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