Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Notebook...

Time to buy The Notebook.

It is the key accessory for any move we've ever made and I'm an old fashioned girl so it's going to be a non-digital, no iGadget sort move again.

The Notebook becomes my go-to-spot for any list, phone number, email address, website, school info, house appointment, rental requirement, packers list that we have. It is my bible for the three months it generally takes to shift a family a couple of hundred (or thousand) kilometres.

At the climax of the move - when stress levels are peaking - and everything is boxed and in a container I move onto a flip folder full of paper - final bills, health documents, passport copies and bank statements. All the stuff we're going to need urgently in the new place.

I found this one here - bright is better because of course usually The Notebook goes missing right about the same time as the truck pulls in to load your gear. Luckily by then all the lists are pretty irrelevant. Mostly....


  1. Bright is good. I am a list maker too.

  2. It's a beautiful notebook, and I see they have a buy three promotion, ready for your next three moves. Oops, I shouldn't have said that; quick, think calming thoughts.

  3. Wise advice for any move...even within a country. Just moving from Canberra..ACT to Queensland a notebook was my new best friend for a while! Naturally Carol xox

  4. Oh, I like those. I think I have a notebook in every room of the house... just in case. As I was packing our boxes to leave Sydney, I wrote down every object I put in every box and then numbered the page to correspond with the box number. What an inventory! A little obsessive... perhaps... gxo

  5. Ann, best of luck for the move. I know exactly what you are going through, it's such a big task. I hope it's all going well so far.

    We're still a month out, at the moment we are stuck here waiting for my husbands work visa to be processed so that he can head back up to PNG. So I can't even book anything yet - it's all a bit frustrating! Still, I know it is not long and we will be home.

    The notebook is a great idea, they looks so pretty all lined up like that :)

  6. Just discovered your blog and had to smile when I saw the post about a notebook... I started my blog with an entry about notebooks!
    Love them - and have one for every adventure in life.
    Also love your house but it seems I am too late discovering your blog to enjoy it. All the best for your move.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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