Friday, May 6, 2011

Towering washing piles, Tasmania and tornadoes...

We've been back almost a week now and the laundry pile is back to its normal size. Still towering of course but not spread through the house. My back is much better, I'm off the drugs and getting my brain back in gear. The physio is my new best friend. 

We've had a quietish week if you don't count the unexpected sound of sirens on a Tuesday afternoon as rescue workers raced across the harbour bridge to help the tornado victims. Tornado victims? In Auckland? What a year it's been in New Zealand. 

The tornado veered west as it crossed the harbour from the north shore so it missed our suburb. Aucklanders, those lucky enough to be unhurt or have properties undamaged, are now fully aware of the steps you take when you see a twister. Head inside or stay as low and flat on the ground as you can.

Back to the trip to Tasmania... a million miles from tornadoes.
The boys always learn something new when we head home. My parents live twenty minutes or so from central Hobart which sometimes felt two hours to the teenaged me. The boys love it. I love it too.

They dug potatoes ( a nice lesson in where food comes from) and collected eggs from the chooks.
As a kid we spent hours down in the chook pen trying to hypnotise the old dears - apparently if you turn them upside down they go into a dreamlike state. It never worked but we had fun trying.


  1. We used to hypnotise the chooks when I was growing up - you need to continuously stroke them down the centre of their tummies when they are upside down. They will definitely go into a trance.

  2. I am rather envious of your trip back home. My daughter used to hypnotise/knock out/magic our chooks. I think they liked it too. They were rather odd though....

    And the tornado! What's up with that!?

  3. I never knew that about chickens. Though I can't say I've ever really pondered the pursuit of hypnotising birds.

    I must go back and catch up on your blog ... 2011 has been the year for natural disasters, hasn't it?

    Glad Tasmania was a respite for you ... you've spent almost as much time in Australia this year as you have in NZ!

  4. I went to boarding school with lots of country kids and they used to hypnotize chickens by drawing a line with a stick along the chook's beak and then unto the ground. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Apparently you can do it to wombats with a flash light! Have not seen that one though so can't vouch for it! x

  5. My sister used to dress up the chooks with an old fashioned baby bonnet before plonking them into a toy pram and pushing them around the yard. They must have been hypnotised to put up with that... gxo

  6. So gorgeous to see the boys again, Ann - next time we'll have to do it in person at our new house. So pleased your back's better. J x

  7. Grumpy MOTH's going through dramas with his back at the moment. Monthly visits to a our friendly Radiologist for facet joint injections under CT are happening. His Physio has struck him off her patient list in disgust. Hope you are on the mend Anne, I reckon a visit to gorgeous Hobart would fix anything.
    Millie x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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