Friday, May 20, 2011

A little more about the move....

There won't be too many more doors... Auckland's home owners can breathe easy again. I love this one and have been trying to take a picture for ages but the family living behind it quite often leave it open to let the sun stream in.

Thank you for all your good wishes. I think I forgot to say yesterday that I am happy to be heading home to Australia but also really quite unhappy to be leaving Auckland.

It wasn't an easy move here and if you'd told me then that I could leave I would have whooped all the way to the airport. We arrived in the middle of a wet bleak winter and it took a while for me to meet people and make friends.  I think because I'd moved a lot I thought I could snap my fingers and settle straight away.

Nearly two years later there is rather a lot to leave behind. Good friends for all of us, great schools, a beautiful country we've hardly had time to explore and an easy, pleasant family life.

Now I just want to snap my fingers and fast forward a year - in three months we'll have moved and after nine months in our new home I know we'll feel fine. That's my nine month moving theory - so grateful to have a chance to test it again....

Melbourne is not really home for me but I lived there for ten months or so five years ago and loved the little life we built then. Last time we lived in an inner city suburb - this time we're looking for a little more space for the boys so it will be an altogether different Melbourne life.

My six year old is embracing the move - I was very worried as he didn't like moving much at all at the age of four.  This time he's very interested in getting a new house, a new school and new friends and most of all very, very pleased that his new life will include lots of time with his very cool Uncle. We're very pleased too.


  1. Oh wow! I was there last week. I love Melbourne! I feel guilty now we didn't catch up more. 2 years has flown by! Some of my clearest memories from living in Melbourne is visiting my sister and being greeted by your sleeping husband on the doorstep to their flat because he was too drunk to find his keys! Ha ha seems soooooooooo long ago! Happy packing and will probably catch you on that side of the Tasman at some stage. xx Nicky

  2. I love those old Auckland houses and when I was growing up I wanted one just like the one you photographed. Now I have an old Queenslander instead!

  3. Oh I will miss your front doors. I have loved your tales of Auckland and snippets of the beautiful houses there. I actually cannot wait to visit New Zealand one day soon, after discovering your blog!!! I look forward to what you might share of lovely Melbourne. Good Luck!!!

  4. You'll have a great time. I can see why you've been a bit of a minimalist.

  5. Oh Ann, I AM out of the loop aren't I! Didn't even know you were moving. I better look back over your recent posts and do a bit of catching up. I,like you, would have kissed anyone that told me I could go back home when I first moved here to Australia, but if they said it to me today I would honestly hesitate (and I can't believe I'm saying that!). I hope you make loads of lovely friends when you move to Melbourne and the family settles really well.

  6. How exciting Ann, a move to Melbourne. We are about to move home to country NSW. I love your nine month moving theory, wish we could fast forward, miss the upheaval and just arrive in nine months time. Looking forward to hearing your news and adventures in Melbourne! Emma.

  7. So I've settled in your home town and you're going to settle down in mine. I can imagine that packing up with the kids just that little bit older must be a bit daunting, but it must be kind of nice to be moving closer to family too.

    I wonder if you'll find any nice doors in Melbourne? Maybe in the leafy easterns on your way home from Camberwell Market...

  8. As another 'bloody Melbourne blogger', I will welcome you with open arms my dear! Good luck with the move, it's a hell of a thing - as you well know. Hope it's wonderful and exciting for you.. Rachaelxx

  9. So glad I found your blog and hope you keep blogging after the move! Letitia x

  10. Well I do love today's door, I think black may just be my favourite colour for a front door. Good luck with your move to Melbourne, my best friend lived there a few years ago and I have so many fond memories of my visits there. I'm sure you'll love it. Nicolex PS Thanks very much for stopping by my blog earlier, really appreciate the encouragement from fellow bloggers! And you're right, my blog, my rules!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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