Thursday, April 22, 2010

My sixth photo...

My sixth photo was in my third post which was my first on day trips from Auckland. Following me?

Rachael at the very lovely A Room For Everyone has tagged me - I now head back and pick out my sixth pic ever posted on my blog. I didn't have to go far as a new blogger.

This was it... well actually this was the seventh photo but this is my blog so my rules....! (The sixth was a picture of some boats that I won't bore you with again.) As my mother is my most loyal follower this is for her - it's tough when your grandchildren are in another country.

My littlest will be two in a few weeks and he is really, really TWO if you know what I mean. It's good to remind myself how lovely he is when actually he is terrible sometimes. Won't take off his pyjamas in the morning, won't put his pyjamas on at night, hates getting in the car and then out of the car - you know what they're like. A lot of muscle flexing as they assert their independence. Should only last a year or two!

He is a funny kid. Loves to laugh, loves the rough and tumble, loves his older brother and all his older brother's stuff. Loves bikes, balls and boy stuff like trucks and cars. Likes a shower now and not a bath. and will soon be in a big boy bed... he also really really likes his Daddy.

As it's my rules and I am very new I am also not passing this on... but thank you Rachael for including me.


  1. Ah, such a cute pic and I'm sure your mum will appreciate it! I'm going now to have a read through some of your older posts...K xx

  2. What a perfect picture, I really love it. I know what you mean about 2 - so hard yet so wonderful..Rxx

  3. Good for you, you stick to your rules my pet! I love that beautiful head of hair is that yours or Daddies?1

  4. Very cute, I think rough and tumble is such an important part of being a kid. Nice blog. I have just visited for the first time.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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