Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sarah's touch

I have only just caught on to Sarah Richardson... we were without satellite television for a couple of years  and in that time she became rather a big thing.

I am a fan of course. It's great to see how a designer pulls a room together and makes fabric and paint and furniture choices. Of course she does it with great panache in thirty minutes - I guess it helps if you have a team of producers and a design team behind you, great builder, painter and your own line of furniture...!

I'm not a huge fan of her sometimes too perfect matchy, matchy, explosion in a fabric shop look - I admire it but don't think I could like with it.

I do LOVE her use of old battered furniture and vintage quilts. Series 3 has just hit the screens here and I couldn't wait to see more so I found these to whet the appetite.

Friends tease me about my love of "light pine" - let them....!

(All images from Sarah's House Facebook page)


  1. She is great, I've watched all her series and learnt so much. Her taste doesn't always match mine but I think her design philosophies are very sound. Rxx

  2. I haven't heard of Sarah Richardson. I'm off to google her as I love a good house improvement show. Those images are lovely. I adore that simple red and white quilt on the bed. That's a photo for my "quilt inpsirations" folder. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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