Friday, April 16, 2010

Flowers for Friday

It's a rainy morning for the last day of school holidays and I've been staring out into the garden at my pots of fading petunias wondering if I can grow a green thumb?

My mother's amazing in the garden and always seems able to gather a lovely bunch of blooms and arrange them effortlessly around the house.

These she did for our wedding along with all the flowers for the tables and it's just the sort of casual arrangement you find in her home too - minus the rather over-perfect white roses we bought for the occasion. She loves copper too.

So I need the green thumb AND the knack for effortless floral arrangement.  I might start by planting some hydrangeas - they love water (hence hydra) and we have that in buckets. Might just call Mum and see when and where I should plant them and how not to kill them.

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  1. My very favourite plant and they are really hard to kill once you get them started...and they grow really easily from cuttings. Good luck with them. Wish I also had your Mother's enormous talent!


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