Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day tripping...

New Zealanders are good at food. The produce here is pretty damn fine. And they do a pretty damn fine market. Particularly out in the country.  I have found that imported Italian cheeses and fresh mozzarella to be almost double the price of the stuff we get in Australia - even at the supermarket. I guess it's the smaller population.  The best answer is to buy local and shouldn't we all be doing that anyway?

Last week we went to Clevedon Village farmers market - in Clevedon funnily enough - about 45 minutes drive from the city centre in Auckland. Head south and then hang a left... don't rely on me for directions... luckily I get horribly car sick so have the perfect excuse not to pore over a map and get it wrong - Again.

As well as the pastry treats I mentioned yesterday they had homemade pasta and sauces, pies, pasties, breads, juices and vegies, herbs and plants. Fabulous.

On a fine day there are pony rides making it a perfect place to take young children,

Ours were quite happy to chat to the very friendly donkey over the fence.. we discovered our nearly two year old does a very loud hee-haw... actually he's doing it again right now as I type! He's also turning the printer on and off, on and off. Not such a great assistant blogger...

On the way back there was of course time for the beach... Maraetai has a lovely strip of sand and jetty looking back towards Waiheke Island.

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  1. Great photos, that food looks so delicious and fresh. Lucky you to be able to go to such a great market.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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