Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flying high...

We are knee deep in paper. Not paperwork but paper planes.  It's my six year old's new obsession. He wakes in the morning and seconds later is on his knees somewhere in the house measuring, folding and smoothing.  When I need him to eat or dress or bath or do anything he's building another plane. He churns out six every half an hour.
We bought him a new planes book last week and it's the best I've seen. The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes.  It has ten plane designs including the Swashbuckler, The Hammer, The Professional and the Headhunter. Apparently they're not just paper planes, they're paper machines.

They have dihedrals, elevators, ailerons. My son mutters to himself as he works, "sloppy folds won't fly."

Luckily the instructions are so clear even I can make a paper machine though nothing to match the master.

The new book also came with forty sheets of 'flight-ready' paper in such groovy designs you could wallpaper a house with it. Too late for that of course, every last sheet is gone. And the recycling bin is full.


  1. There is also a desk calendar version too. We've had it two years in a row. A different paper plane to make for every day of the year. Yes. 730 planes to fold. We had paper planes flying out of our ears!

  2. Oh we have been through this phase too. Planes everywhere!

  3. That book is now on my hitlist.
    I just showed my boys (5 + 7) and they oohed and aahed and awesomed. They were super impressed.
    Love that paper too - I reckon it would fly faster with that paper.

    Great post Ann (-:

  4. A classic, Ann. I'd better look into this - thanks for the heads-up! J x

  5. What a perfect hobby: quiet, picturesque and creative. When will he visit me and teach my children the techniques?

  6. Oh the difference between girls and paper plane books in this house, it's all been fairies, princesses and castles.

  7. We had this same book too and my boys still talk about the planes they made out of it.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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