Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Small things...

While in Sydney I shopped until I dropped but didn't buy much. What I enjoyed was the wandering, peering in windows, feeling the fabrics (apparently women always touch when they shop - I certainly do) trying things on and laughing and chatting as we went. Just the sort of shopping trips that were very much part of my life before the boys came along.

I bought the black twine at the divine Paper2 for $1.95 and it's one of my favourite purchases.  It really often is the small things in life.

The present was wrapped for my husband's birthday. Paul Kelly's new book and a promise to choose a painting together.
Of course turning forty is not really a very big deal these days. It's just another one of those small things in life.

We'll keep saying that over and over until I turn forty too. Which of course is years and years and days and days away.


  1. Oh best wishes to your husband - 40 was a big deal at our place! I love that your favourite purchase was less than $2. It is the simple things sometimes...

  2. What a fab present for your hubby and something you can all enjoy too :)

  3. Love your wrapping skills Ann and the twine is the perfect touch!
    40, that's seems a life time ago haha. Sadly this year I am closer to fifty than 40 and not liking that fact very much!

  4. I shop with my hands too (and possibly my nose). We saw one of Paul Kelly's a-z concerts at the Theatre Royal earlier this year. It was magic. And I bought the book for my husband for Christmas, it's a great dip-in read. Happy 40th to your husband. I'm telling myself it's just another birthday too, as I approach my (very) late 30s!

  5. Give my love to the big man, Ann. Did you have dinner alone to celebrate? J x

  6. Yep, I always feel fabric when I browse shops. Good buy on the twine. I agree, it's the small things in life. When you get to use special things in your day to day life, it makes a chore a bit more fun. I have a cute plastic duck to dispense our dishwashing liquid. I'm no child, but why can't dishwashing time be fun?


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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