Friday, April 1, 2011

Door love...

One of the nice bonuses about going away for a few days is getting back to the blogs I usually read every day and reading four or five posts at once.

It's like saving up your Easter eggs and then eating them when everyone else is done. Of course I was never that kid.

So to end a very short week for me, some Friday front door inspiration. I'm actually not a big cat fan but he or she looks thoroughly happy here and rather adds to the scene. Not that I would recommend getting a cat to enhance your front door mat. That would be wrong.

I could, however, stain my stairs just like that. If we had stairs.


  1. what a pretty charming and cosy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the "old days style" - reminds me of the old houses in Norway :))))

  2. hi there ann,
    just discovered your lovely blog-it's gorgeous! absolutely love the dummy in the bin photo! good luck, hope the motorbike continues to do the trick.
    i also read your story about jetstar-had the same experience with tiger air and will never fly with either of these carriers again.

  3. Love the black front door! We are thinking of painting our new one black so am thrilled to see some door inspiration!

  4. You and your doors, Ann. You make me smile! Do you permanently carry your camera with you? J x

  5. A lovely door indeed... love the colours, love the shutters, love the cat, love the fretwork... all round good choice! Georgie x

  6. Hi Ann. Thanks for your comment. He he - I think a little online bag shopping is certainly required from Amanda's lovely shop. And yes, the first one is the winner! C x

  7. PS Check out my latest post which features some gorgeous front pink!

  8. Almost didn't notice the front door itself....I was so entranced by the steps, the beautiful symmetry in the photograph, the white detail, even the cat! Lovely shot Ann.
    Hope you have well and truly recovered from your airport experience.

  9. I love everything about it – from the “security cat,” stairs, intricate details of the porch and the black door. :’> The door is just so grand and mystifying in such a beautiful way. =)


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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