Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bromley blogging...

David Bromley's work hangs in the windows of a gallery in Auckland, that I drive past most days. I love his work, particularly the Childhood series and even the nudes - although I am not willing to have a set of breasts much better than mine on display in my home.

I love the colours he uses.  I also rather love his prolific approach to his work and that he doesn't hesitate to use his images on things that will - gasp, sell. Not terribly fashionable in art circles but he doesn't seem worried. In fact he seems to have a wonderful time.

I popped into the Bromley Arcade while in Sydney, if you have a chance do go. I could have bought the shop but didn't so there's plenty still to see.

This week Mr Bromley's been guest blogging on The Design Files ahead of the launch tomorrow of his new venture, quilts. A great read for any Bromley fan.

Images from here.


  1. I do love his work very much. If only I didn't have a mortgage I'd indulge for sure :)

  2. His pieces are wonderful. I just saw your little photo of your two boys (top right) and it's reminiscent of Bromley's work.

    Your work's up there with the big names.


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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