Wednesday, October 20, 2010


That's iGen as in iPhone. And iPad, Touch and Pod.

'i' (as  in 'I') still haven't got any of them. Apart from an iPod of course. I'm not a total dinosaur. And I haven't bought an iPhone because I'm always about to move again (and there are a few issues with responsible ownership and me drowning my current Nokia three times in six months).

On holiday I spent some time with my old friends.  I hasten to add that of course they're not old (they're gorgeous and they read this blog) but they are all late thirty-something women and men and they all have an iPhone... except Simon. He's like me.

It's interesting to see how iPhones are changing the way we interact. This is not scientifically tested of course and I'm not judging. Honestly, I'd quite like to join the iParty too and my kids would love me to.

While holidaying in Tasmania I stayed the night at a friend's holiday home. It's an hour or so from Hobart at the beach near Port Arthur.  I showed you how beautiful it was here

I've been going there for a long time. Fifteen years ago none of us had a mobile phone and I think there was no landline either, five years ago we were mostly out of phone range. This time, we girls spent an hour or so online shopping at the kitchen table via the iPhones. I bought a trench coat. It's very nice but I probably didn't need to be browsing online on a Saturday night.

On the same weekend my husband was in Melbourne with his fellow Collingwood fans. He found the same thing with his mates... a lot of diving for the iPhone mid conversation and a bit too much time looking at the top of someone's head as they swoosh through their phone looking for something to show you.

I think we're all just a bit excited about the new technology and haven't quite worked out how to make sure it doesn't dominate. The iPhone images are gorgeous to look at and quite enthralling so who wouldn't want to whip it out for a quick look at every opportunity.

There's a lot of rubbish written and said about this fearful new age.  "Twitter is making us a bunch of twits. Facebook is threatening our privacy. Texting is enlarging thumbs and killing the written language. Gr8."

I don't approve of txt speak but I like social networking. Obviously. I blog and I have blog friends online who I've never met. I write about my children online (carefully). I share what I'm thinking. I treat this as the newspaper column I'd like to have but no one's offered.

I like twitter too. I don't tweet (nothing interesting to say I thought at first) but I am thinking about starting and I already tweet stalk. I often look at my favourite writers/reporters/programs and see what they're chatting about.  I'm referred to a lot of interesting articles via twitter. It's invaluable for a journalist and I should get on board.

I use Facebook. The privacy issue doesn't worry me so much...  and there are a lot of people on my Facebook network that I would have completely lost without it.

I think we just need to learn how to handle the fact that oodles and oodles of stuff is literally in the palm of your hand.

Remember how badly people behaved when they first got mobile phones? Lots of shouting into the phone, taking calls at the dinner table, on the bus and in restaurants. Fifty years on and some still haven't quite mastered the art of television and leave it on when you go to their house to dinner. But I think most of us have learned the rules about mobiles and television. Or we've learned not to get offended.

The rules about iPhones and iPads will follow too. Then we'll have to learn how to properly use the next Cool Big iThing.

I might just buy an iThing.

The Cartolina app in the image above is just one of the squillions of iPhone apps to covet. Fiona Richards' beautiful card designs to jazz up your messages. I found it here.


  1. I want an iPhone. iDon't have one yet.

  2. Hi, Ann! After a bit of a tussel with my computer (a settings glitch) I've returned to the techie age...well, sorta. I could so relate to your post. Several years ago I got a cell phone, my first. While at the grocery, I was reaching for a can of corn when the phone rang. Not accustomed to the sound, I sorta jumped. The action caused the stacked cans of corn to fall. One can hit just right on the top of my foot. Hobbling around, suppressing expletive deleted, I finally answered the phone, only to hear a friend ask, "What are you doing?"

    So I don't have an iPhone.

  3. I don't have one yet, either. And I want one. But kids to feed, clothe and educate and house to pay off - it keeps getting pushed down on the priority list.
    Love that app though - worth getting one just for that!

  4. I don't have an iAnything, except I do have an iGranny - a crocheted pouch for my old mobile. I am on twitter, but I haven't the courage to publish my inane thoughts/musings. I just use it to publish my inane blog posts. When I become rich and famous, I'll hire someone to do my social networking. xx

  5. Oh I struggle with all these iThings, and have turned down every opportunity to have an iPhone. It's just more than I want - I like the ability to make a brief call, send a brief text, and my simple phone has a torch which pleases me with it's non-techiness. It's against my frugal nature to have a pocketful of technology I don't want to use.

  6. I don't have one either.... yet!!! My hubby does and they are pretty cool. The kids LOVE it and it can be great entertaining a bored 6 year old while waiting for the food to arrive at a restaurant!!! I can see how people become addicted to them as they do so much! Once when we were at Church a friend used his to access the Bible!!! xx

  7. I am afraid I am without an iphone. I would love one but alas can't justify it. I just use my work mobile and pay for personal calls. I have just ordered an ipod touch, (very exciting) but mainly because the cheap mp3 we took away on our trip was such a pain in the neck we never want to be subjected to the torture of clicking through 100chapters of a kids talking book again. I am very excited about the possiblities but my husband couldn't care less.

  8. I bought an iPod a few years ago and have barely used it because I didn't know how to download songs off the net. (ok and i'm not old.. i'm in my 20's)... I did think getting an iPhone would be cool but I dont have the money for something like that. My FIL however has one. Hmm. Hubby could get one supplied by work but has refused. I think I just spend enough time on the net at home, I DON'T need an iPhone to constantly distract me while out. So yeah, no i-anythings here and I'm totally cool with that. But if anyone was to give me one for free I wouldn't say no. ;)hehe.

  9. I don't have an iAnything, and may not get one either. But I would be lost without Facebook, and I cannot do without my blog. Twitter, I am yet to figure out.
    And I never use chatspeak either.

  10. Almost too nervous to write a comment - my husband bought me my iPhone as a birthday present last year, and, if you knew me you would never believe that I would be capable of paying out for one, but I succumbed to an iPad too. I felt sick. Total igeek all of a sudden. But, I use the ipad all the time for work, and I just love them both to bits. And I promise faithfully, that I don't whip them out with any bad imanners. In fact I hide the iPad away. I'm afraid I couldn't go back to life before! And that app is gorgeous.

  11. For an old gal I'm a bit of a techie, love my Nokia but don't want an iPhone. Have no desire to Tweet. Am happy with my new Notepad & so eschew an iPad. Love my iPod, & spend far too much time at the iStore. I have confused myself just writing this comment! Ann, someone should give you your own column - NOW!!
    Millie ^_^


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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