Monday, October 4, 2010

Stepping back...

On Saturday night, 33 years after this picture was taken, I went back to school to our 20 year reunion.

Actually it was in a bar. Fifty or so women. Working mothers, wives, single women, stay at home mums to babies and some with teenagers. Students, nurses, lawyers, a hairdresser, doctor, social workers, a naturopath. Some planning weddings, others divorced and splitting the care of their kids, some already mourning the loss of a parent -  all women in their late thirties getting on with the business of life.

I thought it was a fabulous night. I hope it was just as good for everyone else. I was lucky enough to love school but I remember those who probably didn't. The teenage years can be tough. Sometimes just the thought of it makes me go a little cold. I'm pretty glad to be the age I am. Remind me of that as I slide to forty...

There were a few who didn't want to come, some we couldn't track down and others like me who flew in for the night.

I thought we all looked good - and I didn't drink much so it wasn't the wine! Some have aged amazingly well. It's probably a little late too ask what their secret is... sunscreen and good genes I suspect.

Wrinkles aside it's comforting to realise that people don't seem to change much. Thirty three years on I still don't quite know how to smile for a photo.


  1. You were charming! And it sounds like a fine occasion, the sort of thing that validates your past in a way.

  2. Just gorgeous, Ann - I must drag my old school photos out for a giggle. I'm so pleased you had such an enjoyable evening. I loved organising our 20th school reunion - everyone had so much more life experience behind them. People were more open to sharing with each other and in most cases, I found motherhood a great leveller. J x

  3. Ann - such a cute photo! Good on you for going along, sounds like you had a great time! My 20 year reunion is coming up next year!!! (Where HAVE the years gone)!!!! xxx

  4. I do love a good reunion & this one sounded fab!
    Millie ^_^


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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