Thursday, October 14, 2010

Show and tell...

So we've just had a three week holiday back in Australia, quite a treat for my boys. They did and saw lots of things, like this little critter who lives in their grandparents' Queensland garden. ***

I have just asked my five year old what he talked about at 'news' this morning. News is the modern school kid's show and tell.

"My finger," was the reply.

"Your finger?"

Cue withering look from child. Combined with eye roll.

"You know this one," he says holding up the finger he scraped yesterday. It bled for a few seconds and then he got a bandaid. That was it.  

I think I need to start teaching him what makes news and what doesn't.  Just imagine his poor teacher.

***That is the first and last reptile you'll see here. I don't have any idea what sort of lizard it is... I am not a fan of scaly things.

Son number 2, who is two, just pointed at the screen and said "Frog." That's my boy.


  1. LOL! I am a former primary school teacher and the kids would tell the most weirdest things for news!! Gotta love em. Looks like you had such an awesome time back here. :)


  2. I think it is a boy thing. When my son scrapes his knee he talks about it constantly, cries for ages, can't have a bath or get it wet for days, is funny about wearing fabrics over it etc etc.

    I think that is a frill necked lizard. Its a bit too dinosaury for me. xo

  3. So funny what they consider newsworthy! He could have taken that incredible lizard picture for news instead... Amazing!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog today. I'm browsing around yours now!


  4. That's so cute.... both of them!!!
    Glad you had a nice time back in Oz. I'm not sure what the lizard is, a 'Thorney Somethingorother' maybe? Jxx

  5. Aren't kids so funny? He's had a whirlwind trip and the scraped finger is news! And that lizard is an eastern bearded dragon. We get them quite a bit in our area.

  6. That photo Ann, is the precise reason I no longer do any gardening. The thought of encountering one of those or anything similar is enough to keep me in hibernation... and I used to so enjoy pottering amongst my roses and lavender (in NZ).
    Hope your young man's finger is on the mend. Obviously it was a big deal in his mind, too cute.

  7. That's a fantastic photo, but sorry I can't bear to look at it for too long. I am terrified of reptiles...even in picture form!
    News is all relative isn't it...a sore finger? Sure that's newsworthy!!

  8. Oh my boys are drooling. I had to show them. Apparently it's a male Eastern Bearded Dragon. The black beard is the male bit. Yuk, is that what our beardies are going to look like soon.... although ours are Inland Bearded Dragons... still yuk.... aren't I a bad, unsupportive mother.... no pink here... just lizards, tech decks and nerf guns! Give me strength. Glad you got home safe and sound. A-M xx

  9. I just knew A-M would know!!! You Queenslanders are a tough lot.. I'm with you Ange and after I found out what snakes were lurking out there I was all for making us ALL stay inside - I am such a wuss!

  10. Love that photo, lizards and snakes I can live with but let me get even the hint of a spider and I am so far out of here you won't see me for dust!!!
    A scraped finger is a very big deal Mum, particularly for a's a man thing!!
    So pleased you called by and glad you had a lovely visit home. Hugs xx Julienne

  11. Striking but disturbing is all I can say, Ann. We've had the same hoo haa here on PB today with much administering of Savlon and Bandaids, topped off with 'magic kisses'. No doubt tomorrow the bandaids will be peeled off and the (microscopic) wound inspected. Sigh. J x


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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