Monday, October 25, 2010

No sleep and spilt milk...

I have been neither terrific nor prolific on this blog lately. For that I apologise. 

I have misplaced my blogging mojo this month. Everything I read seems a lot more interesting than anything I have to write. I wouldn't be so vain as to call it writer's block but maybe it's what happens to the professionals. Bear with me, I'll fire up again soon... 

My home help is not helping either.... this is my two year old in action...
He is in action all day now. He's decided that at the age of two years and five months he's way too old to sleep during the day so instead he potters around finding trouble. Quietly.

This time he came to me at my desk asking me to take the lid off his empty bottle. Absent mindedly I did. Then he returned proudly with it absolutely full to the brim with milk.

I came out of my blog induced coma and sprinted through to the kitchen to find the milk carton almost empty and a puddle of milk. I have heard it said that you shouldn't cry over spilt milk so I didn't, I laughed.

"I clean it...", said my assistant and proudly showed me his milk sodden sock.

So helpful. So funny. So not helping me get my blog mojo back.


  1. I have been the same lately with the blog .. happy to check out others but not finding inspiration anywhere as to what to blog about. take your time. it's meant to be fun I think.
    And as a mum of 2 boys I know your joy (pain) with a 2yo who won't sleep. The fact you laughed at the milk means you are SO much better at it than I was at that stage. (-:

  2. Oh I don't know Ann! It certainly made me smile at the almost end of a working day so I think your blogging mojo is fine. And it also made me grateful that my boy who was once like yours is now 22 and just eating me out of house and home in the normal way!

  3. I miss those daytime sleeps too, it is amazing what you can get done or the luxury to do nothing!
    I think we all go through phases with blogging when we have more to say than at other times :)

  4. That is so cute.. to me who doesnt live with a two year old anymore. The do grow up and it happens so quickly.
    Did you see the wee girl on the Kitchenmaid blog...with the icing sugar.

  5. Oh, Ann. I hear you. Loud and clear. Miss India thinks having a day sleep is overrated and Sammy is in the process of dropping his second day sleep. Now he attends Kinder three days a week, Joshie doesn't have one at all. So things like the spilt milk incident happen here all the time. I can't watch them every moment of the day. Your laughter was quite impressive. Hmm, not sure if I would have been able to do that.

    And don't worry about your blogging mojo. You've just had a well deserved holiday from your villa life - it comes with the territory that you find yourself a little distracted. We'll still be here when you come back! J x

  6. Oh Ann, it looks just like the sort of mischief my little assistant gets up to as well. Don't worry about your mojo, this has been the funniest post I've read all day so there's no lack of mojo from where I'm sitting :)

  7. Dont worry about your mojo. The fact that you grabbed the camera, you've still got it! I love these funny real life snippets. I did have a little blog break and loved it. Then couldn't wait to come back.

  8. Love your 'blog induced coma' perfect description for it, my husband would say I get that all the time! Hope you find your blog mojo, I enjoy reading your blog ( found you on KMB)

  9. Nice to see you have him in training this early!

  10. How cute, cleaning it with his sock! I love it. No doubt you didn't, but it's a great story for us!

  11. Oh yes, sometimes having a young assistant makes any chore take seven times as long. I go out to hang a few clothes on the line to dry, and three hours later still haven't managed to entce my assistants in. Blogging comes and blogging goes...

  12. I have only just discovered your blog last week through some search on Jill Dupleix and enjoying it! When I popped on your blog earlier this evening when I was suppose to be helping my eldest with his homework he asked why my two year old, Elliott (who also has white, blonde hair)was on the computer. He was convinced it was Elliott because we have caught him countless times with spilt milk all over the wooden floor boards since he has learnt to open the fridge and open the milk bottle. I am seeing double! It is somehow comforting to know I'm not alone in cleaning up milk spillage after adorable 2 year old boys!


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ann x


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